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Can't get rid of the fuzz from my mixer!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by hippz, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. hippz

    hippz Active Member


    So I just hooked up a Peavey PV8 Mixer to my Mac Mini through the Tape Out (red and white) to the Audio-In (headphone), opened up Apple Logic Studio 8, turned on the monitor and it sounds nice, everything's fine.. up until I throw on the distortion. Any distortion amp model I put on will drastically emphasize the once barely noticeable fuzz, and make it as loud as the guitar itself. I'm guessing that it might be due to the fact that I am using the Tape Out to get the sound into my mac, but I don't know any other way with what I have now. If I need to go out and get something to make it work better, I will, but try and keep any suggestions to a lower price.

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    I'd search the forum for "2 channel usb interface" or some combination of the above.

    Onboard soundcards are teh garbag3.
    (Also, your Audio-In is not for headphones, but a mic/line source).

    Replies here might sound terse - this is a question of having an interface and this question is asked several times a week. Most are in the same boat of having a mixer, and an onboard soundcard.
  3. hippz

    hippz Active Member

    Hmm, I can't seem to find anything that helps my situation. This mixer doesn't even have a USB port on it. I'm sure that would help TONS, but I'm not so fortunate as to have one.

    What I meant about "Audio-In (Headphone)" is that it has a headphone jack style input.

    On this mixer, there is a "Main Out," separated my L/Mono and R/Stereo. They are emulated headphone jack style (3.5mm, like a patch cord for a guitar). I don't have any emulators to plug into the other end to make it a normal sized headphone jack to go into the Audio-In on my Mac. Would having the sound go out of the Main Out into the Mac get rid of the fuzz? Because right now it's coming out of the Tape Out, through red and white RCA's.
  4. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    I think CodeMonkey was suggesting that you invest in a 2 channel USB interface, not that your mixer should have one built in.

    A 2-channel interface will likely get rid of the buzz since you're probably getting some problem induced either by the cabling required to interface with your soundcard or the soundcard itself.

    Bear in mind, sound cards are NOT designed for pro-audio use. They're designed for playing games and listening to music and videos on YouTube.


    PS -
    Check out Presonus and M-Audio 2 channel USB interfaces. A google search will turn up a wealth of information.
  5. hippz

    hippz Active Member

    Ah, right. Completely gapped that it could be a suggestion as to what I could grab, makes a lot more sense now.

    Now I shall search the forums to see if USB or Firewire is better. Thanks for the help guys.

  6. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Firewire is better for anything more than two channels but USB is adequate for two channels.

    If you are planning for the future then get a firewire interface that accepts at least 8 inputs.

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