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Carvin Condensors?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Artifex, May 5, 2006.

  1. Artifex

    Artifex Guest

    Does anyone have any experience using either the CM-87S condensor made by carvin or their tube equipped CTM100? I find these mics intresting and the price appealing, but as of yet I haven't been able to find a whole lot of reliable opinions on these.

    This is a great place. Thanks for your time,

  2. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    yes. i have a rented apex 460 multi-pattern tube mic which is the same as the carvin and a nady and the discontinued telefunken (the scandal being that telefunken was selling em for $1300 bucks). google APEX TELEFUNKEN TUBE for more.
    im enjoying the mic for vocals as i sing quietly and have to boost the highs on other mics. i find it too harsh for cymbals etc.
    great way to learn about the ways to use multi-pattern mics (mid-side, proximity effect etc).
  3. Artifex

    Artifex Guest

    What do you mean by the same...is it made by the same company with the same specs and material, or is it just similar?
  4. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    yes they are supposed to be the exact same. if you do the search there will be pictures of the insides etc.
  5. Artifex

    Artifex Guest

    Yes, I was able to find plenty of issue about the tele vs. Apex debate. So the Carvin is the same mic as well...however, in the end it dosen't sound like this is much of a desireable mic anyways ( people referring to a TUBE mic as harsh and brittle sounding dosen't sound too promising).

    However, I stumbled across something else along these lines that sounds promising...a small company called advanced audio that sells modded Chinese mics...Anybody hear or bought from this guy?


    Almost sounds too good to be true?

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