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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by dirtydog, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. dirtydog

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    I just finished recording 2 bands at their live show. I recorded the whole thing directly to DAT. Now that I have edited and mastered it, I need to burn the file onto CD. Normally I would use Sound Forge/CD Architect since I can use the regions as the playlist. Unfortunately, I have a new CD burner that Architect can't recognize. I need a program that can take my hour long files and allow me to create the playlist/track id's. I don't want to have to separate the songs and have the 2 second gaps between tracks. Any suggestions?
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    I just read a review last month in Computer Shopper, and the top two were Roxio(adaptec) EZ CD Creator and Nero Burning. Of the two, the Roxio was rated higher in most things. The Deluxe or Platinum version has the ability to control gaps between songs, lets you design and print your own CD labels, has some basic noise reduction features, and is relatively inexpensive (under $100 US) If you want to go crazy, and probably never have to buy audio software again, get a copy of Samplitude 2496 ($399 US) I have been using it for the last 3-4 years, and have yet to find anything it can't do well, from mastering to multitracking to CD burning, etc. If you need to do any mastering of the material you have on DAT, Samplitude works internally at 32 bit floating point (you need to enable this) even storing the files at that resolution, so you can come back later and tweak things without going thru another truncation of files. Then, when you are ready for the final mixdown, you decide on dither parameters, etc., and burn the CD. I know it's overkill for your current project, just threw it in for comparison if you have deeper long range plans.

    Also, if you just have this one project, go to and download the samplitude demo - it is a fully functional copy for 30 days after install, including saving, etc. Here is the link -

    Here is a link to's page on CD burning software, including prices, brief description, etc.

    Hope this helps... Steve
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    Oops, double post...
  4. GZsound

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    I had the latest Nero program and it sucks..hugely. I believe CD Creator will allow disk at once burning without adding gaps between the songs. Whatever you do, do not get Nero..
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    If you are looking for something for free. I think has a trial version of winoncd that will burn at 1x speed and the software is good. If you are looking for something to buy, try Wavelab 4.0. I have used EZ CD creator and Nero. I like Nero. The version of EZ CD creator I was using(I think version 4) always would put a click at the end of my CD's, no matter what settings I tried. It could have been my drive, I'm not sure, I don't use the software for audio cd's anymore, just data. I hope this helps.
  6. Tungstengruvsten

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    uh oh...stepping into Taper land here...

    I suffered when CD Architect wouldn't work with my new burner-I found this little proggie that will burn CD Architect .cdp files so you can still create them in CD Architect:

    Also, I've been a taper of live shows for years, and find that after transferring a DAT and cleaning up the start and end, I use this little piece of shareware to physically cut the long file into individual tracks.
    Then you can set up each track to burn without gaps and voila, yer performance on disc.

    Yes Nero can burn DAO-you have to turn off the 2 second pregaps on all the tracks except track 1-in other programs you usually only have to select to burn 'disc-at-once' but Nero has that extra little step....I use it all the time and it works fine for me....No other burning program is that flexible(VCD's, multisessions, etc) so I really don't understand people who say it sucks-usually they just don't know how to use it.

    check out for or for more info on taping software and taping in general...

  7. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    Sorry-that oadebros link should just be
  8. GZsound

    GZsound Active Member

  9. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    I find most problems appear when using advanced features most people don't even attempt.
    The last media company I worked for had two Plextor 12-10-32's working with Nero to provide instant master and backup copies- I only used it a few times but it was used by them on a daily basis.

    Never attempted packet writing(no need to) but
    I've made many VCD's, SVCD's, boot CD's for floppyless computers, mixed mode and hybrid CD's, multisessions....the program does alot. It includes all options for ISO modes and character sets-labelling and dating files are far more advanced than in EZ CD creator-

    I wasn't trying to say anything about yer skill level-I was only commenting that Nero is a bit deceptive in that it has a checkbox to enable DAO recording like other recording programs-but this just enables DAO. You then have to select all the files on the CD except track 1 and make the pregap 0(right click, properties) to make a true DAO disc.

    What this allows the user to do tho-
    This allows DAO discs with variable pregap time so some tracks can flow seamlessly and others can have the standard 2 sec. gap-this trick is done on many albums.

    Eric W.
  10. dirtydog

    dirtydog Guest

    Thank you all for you input!

    I do have both Nero and EZ CD Creator. I have found though that when I have both programs installed, it creates problems with my system. I have been told that these 2 programs just "don't like each other" and that is the root of the my troubles. I have also found that Nero isn't very intuitive, so I prefer not to bother with it. The thing I loved about CD Architect is that I can create regions in Sound Forge and then use them as the playlist.

    I tried Samplitude. Unfortunately, the dang thing wouldn't save or burn for me. I think I either got a crappy download or just didn't install it right. It did exactly what I wanted otherwise.

    As far as the 2 bands that I recorded, one was my own and the other was some very good friends that opened for us. Hehehe, there's nothing like making a very raw recording of yourself like this to find out how much you suck! ;) Anyway, I had to have the CD's finished the other day so I ended up having to separate all the tracks and use CD Creator (removing the 2 sec. gaps). What a P.I.T.A.! Thank God for all of your suggestions. I think that I will have to do this kind of thing more often than I would like. Now that I have a bunch more options, my life will be much easier...

    Thanks again!!!
  11. homerg

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    I'm using Roxio EZ CD Creator Platinum. When you change the default time between songs it tells you that it's switching to DAO. You can then change the time, create fades and crossfades.
    I used to get those clicks that someone mentioned, but that was when I was using the version of CD Creator that comes free when you purchase a CD burner. If you use (buy) the Platinum version you don't get any clicks.
  12. Masternfool

    Masternfool Active Member

    Now you're talking my language...I just had the month from hell with cd burner/software combos. I upgraded to a p4 2.0 comp. with windose xp..never again. Dumped that for w2k pro. Anyway the roxio stuff is owned by microsoft, They want money to get it to work right, when you delete it due to the extorsion inflicted, it takes several drivers with it! Thanks Bill. Go with the previous post mentioned, Samplitude 2496 or Samplitude master. I have used this software since 95, and it works!. I purchased wavelab 4.0 last week for experimenting and its about 3 years behind the curve. Other than their playlist editing feature its useless for mastering.
    If you have or can get an older burner do it!! All the new stuff is about speed, We don't want speed, we want good error free recordings.No burn proof if it's going to duplication, just good old 2x,4x at the most, disc-at-once-redbook cds. enjoy.Harry
  13. teddancin

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    I have to say I DO agree with you on the roxio thing. I've installed it a couple of times on my computer, and it totally sucked ass! It was like it was made for babies too, which pissed me off.

    Personally I use the newest version of nero ( and it works really well. But, just for the nay-sayers that talk $*^t about nero, I don't blame them, cause I got the "bundled version" when I bought my CD burner, and it totally sucked! But then I "acquired" the latest version of nero, and I'm not going back to anything else.

    As for new CD-R's vs. Old slow CD-R's. did a review on CD-R's a short while ago, and on their recommendation I bought the TEAC CD-R. It came in 3rd out of 11 CD-R's he tested, and it only cost me $105 after tax and shipping and everything. It burns at 24x, and has NEVER had an error while burning. And it'll burn a FULL CD in under 4 minutes (flawlessly). It does seem to have problems with roxio stuff, but so does my friends CD-R which is an HP.

  14. knightfly

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    Yeah, you guys are right about quality vs. speed - All test I've seen like 2x for best (lowest) BLER - I only wish they were more current, since I can't afford a BLER tester. It's still nice to be able to whip out a quickie at 36-40x for the band to take home, as long as you slow down for archives/masters. Whichever burning SW you use, if you make the mistake of enabling (installing) the packet writing software, you will almost always be sorry. I read somewhere that all but one CD burning package's packet writing module screwed up stuff - I can't remember where I saw it now, so I just play it safe and don't ever install the packet writing part. Also, unless CD Creator has changed in the last version, whenever you install it (or upgrade it) the SW turns on Auto Insert on all CD-rom drives and does not turn it back off when done, no matter how you had it set before. I found this out the hard way on an older DAW that had a single CDrom, a CD-RW, and two 5-disk Nakamichi changers in it. You haven't lived til you have to change the Autoinsert on 12 "drives" every time you upgrade your SW. Thanks, Adaptec... Steve
  15. teddancin

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    HAHA, I hope I never have to "live". That sucks Knightfly. HEHE.


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