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    Hi i was wondering the difference between professional CDs and CD-rs. Which is the best methond for a Demo to be shoped to labels and sold at shows?

    Also do you know any places that do CD duplication and packaging for decent prices? theres a place here in tampa that will do 1000 for 1000 with inserts and disc on printing. But i dont know if i need 1000. Im basicially looking for the best option and something record labels wont just throw away. thanks :D
  2. Don Grossinger

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    There are dozens of CD replication facilities that advertise in Mix, EQ, Tape Op, Pro Sound News, etc.. Ask around the music community.

    Pressed CDs are better: fewer playability issues, they look more professional, & provide a better "image" of the data than burned CD-Rs.

    I hate to be the barer of tough tidings, but I hear that few labels accept unsolicited demos. Most are brought to them by people with previous label contacts & credibility.
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    Thanks for the Reply, I know that labels wont except material from little old me so I'm getting an Entertainment Lawyer or an Agent. But I need something to get made first. I'm looking for a place or two that is resonable in price and quality, any favorites out there? thanks alot maybe a entertainment lawyer i should talk to when its done?
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    It is par for the course for record companies not to accept unsolicited materials. They do this to insulate them from lawsuits. When an independent third party is involved in the process there is a witness to the transaction. It also helps keep all the stuff that is good enough from getting through. I have a couple of contacts at some European Blues Labels and I can tell you I only want to submit the very best stuff I hear to preserve my own position with them. I sent you a PM on this subject, Kurt
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    What is/are "unsolicited demos"? people who record and produce someone else´s stuff without a license?
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    It's when someone sends a song or CD to a record company, publisher or other entity without asking if they are interested or obtaining permission first. Like if you had never had a contact with xyz records and you sent a song to them, hoping to get a deal.
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    Oh I see. Thanks UK!
    ACB records - a nice name -lol

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