CD/DVD Burning is OSX....

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by therecordingart, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. therecordingart

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    I just got a Mac and was wondering what CD/DVD burning software you are using....if any?!?
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  3. chrispick

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    I burn audio CDs using Bias Peak Pro 5. I do all of my finishing /mastering with it. It lets you do some nice stuff like POW-r dithering, ISRC coding, track fades, etc.

    But you could use iTunes, if you don't want to spend more cash (and you don't need stuff like ISRC blah-blah-blah). It's free and already on your box. Just set its preferences so that it uses an uncompressed audio format like AIFF or WAV. You'll probably want to have your files dithered and rezed at 16-bit prior to insertion.

    iTunes is pretty much your gateway to burning mp3 CDs and data CDs and DVDs as well. It's easy to use.
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    crispick wrote:

    yeah.. it does the job!!

    i use either JAM6 for red book compliant CDs or toast7, JAM being my most used, fave burning apps.

    peak is great and yupp since version5 the burning from playlist actually works...

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