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Discussion in 'Mixing & Editing' started by fontenel, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. fontenel

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    Hi all, quick question for you: I'm looking for some CD sequencing software that will let me put seamless transtions between songs on a CD. For instance, I want the feedback at the end of track 2 to ring out into the intro of track 3 all while changing the CD track from 2 to 3 without any pops or skips. Sometimes I can use cubase, make one long track, cut the tracks where i want to split them (on null points of the waveform) and then use nero (turning off the 2 second pause between songs) to string them together. This works about 40% of the time. I need software that I can make the entire CD how I want it and then just burn it directly to the CD. Any thoughts?? Thanks.

  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    One word..... Wavelab!

    The Audio Montage features are top class and allow you to do just about anything you could possibly imagine to do for a CD!

    In fact Wavelab allows you to do CD other words you can add a video to the audio CD for use in a computer! Pretty cool stuff I tell ya!

    Opus :D
  3. MisterBlue

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    Wavelab is indeed great stuff. Can't go wrong with that tool.

    I believe that Nero Burning Rom also allows to specify a "zero gap" in between songs (standard is 2 seconds) in which case there should not be any interruption in the flow from one tune to the next ...

    I have not tried this myself but I know others here have done it for e.g. with live-CD's.

  4. and, of course, samplitude...
  5. falkon2

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    Mar 17, 2003
    fontenel: You can get the results you want by modifying your current methodology only *VERY* slightly.

    Instead of cutting up your tracks in Cubase, just export the whole thing as ONE 16/44 stereo .wav, then load it into Nero and do the track slicing in Nero itself - Drag the .wav into the audio CD list, then right click-->Properties and go to the splits/indices tab. The graphical display is so painless to use it's almost funny. :D And the transitions are seamless anywhere, since the source file is a single .wav and Redbook audio is a sequential format (The track indices are stored seperately - they don't interfere with the audio)

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