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CD to adobe flash

Discussion in 'Recording' started by vibrations1951, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. vibrations1951

    vibrations1951 Active Member

  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Is this a question? Adobe Flash is a video codec not an audio codec. Maybe think about what you are trying to ask and then let us in on it so that we might help you.
  3. dvdhawk

    dvdhawk Well-Known Member

    Yes sir it can be done, but as noted it's generally a format that's looking for video information.

    I use a mac application called VisualHub, it converts just about any popular format to just about any other popular format.
    Out of curiousity I just took a song from a CD 36.2 Mb stereo file and wanted to see what VisualHub would do with it - having no video content.
    52 seconds later it had finished rendering a 3.4 Mb swf file with a blank white screen.

    So it can be done. That's the good news (sort of)

    Here's the bad news, VisualHub was made by a company called Techspansion. I don't believe there was ever a Windows version, and they no longer sell or support the Mac version. (although they appear to share the code to you open source folks)

    Good luck my friend!

    [ JP - email me if this is a one-off project I can help you with. ]
  4. vibrations1951

    vibrations1951 Active Member

    cd master to flash

    I have been recording narratives for a customer for a couple of years now.
    I started recording with: U87 octopre/UA 2-610 HD24@44.1 24bit sony cdr-w33.
    Later on: U87 UA2-610 Aurora 16 Nuendo 4 44.1+/88.2 24 bit (all slave to big ben)
    UA plugins-fairchild, cambridge, aurora 16 sony cdr-w33

    I then give the cd master to the local computer guy who got me the gig. He transfers it to his flash editing program and then to flash movie format for the web. No problems for two years now until a rush job this Jan.

    He had no problem with the download/rip to the editing program but when he transfers to the web publishing the volume drops drastically and gets "fuzzy". No headroom and no way to boost. I tried nedw recordings using the olds setups and same poor results.

    So my question is, can this be something i'm doing wrong here? Help please...thanks
  5. dvdhawk

    dvdhawk Well-Known Member

    If your levels are solid hitting the Sony CDR, it's got to be a problem on the editor's end. I'd be curious to know what program he's using - something has obviously changed somewhere along the line.

    The ONLY thing I can think of you could do on your end - is do a mono-check. If he's making the flash mono your perceived levels might be getting crushed by something out-of-phase. You've got a fine signal path and it seems unlikely - but it's the only scenario I can think of that puts any of it on your end. All it takes is one mis-wired XLR on one side.
  6. vibrations1951

    vibrations1951 Active Member

    Howdy DVD. Thanks! I'll check it out ASAP. I didn't even consider that possibility. Hope all is well with you. I'll let ya know the outcome, ciao..

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