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Change patch via MIDI command?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Ripeart, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Ripeart

    Ripeart Active Member

    Maybe I'm barking up a non-existent tree however is there any way that my DAW app (Digital Performer) can send a MIDI control to a effects processor on the fly?

    Specifically: I have a Lexicon PCM91 connected via MIDI to my MOTU 828 M2 and wish to change patches without having to reach down to the rack to do so. I added the device in Audio/MIDI setup and drew the connections in there. Audio/MIDI setup actually has the Lexicon device built-in so all the patch names are pre-loaded which is really really convenient. Really convenient if I can change them "remotely", that is.

    I tried creating a MIDI device and setting it's output to the Lexicon and the drew in some patch changes but that didn't work.

    If not DP then I have an Oxygen25 - could there be any way to map two buttons to send the appropriate command to the Lexicon? That would be fine, too.

    I appreciate any thoughts about how to do this. Thank you =)
  2. Ripeart

    Ripeart Active Member

    Nevermind, I had everything set up correctly but it turned out my MIDI port on the 828 is wonky. Drove me nuts because I knew I had it set up right. It wasn't until I tried a different MIDI device to transmit the data that it worked.

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