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Changing drives in a Mac Pro (2013 model)

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Makzimia, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Makzimia

    Makzimia Active Member

    Good morning all,

    As I draw closer to setting up properly again I have something else on my list of changes. Going to switch out the standard 1TB drive from my Mac Pro to an SSD for OS and 1 or 2 10k drives or hybrids, not too sure. Does anyone have preferences, good pricing?. I am probably just going to go through the pain of a full re-install of everything as I had it all sitting on the one drive.

    System is very beefy BTW, 12 Core Dual Xenon 2.4 i7 with 32GB RAM on current OSX. I did always use seagate barracudas or raptors in my PC's. I know there are a lot of options these days. Only one I may not touch is samsung.. but not sure what they are like these days.


  2. Reverend Lucas

    Reverend Lucas Active Member

    SSDs can be had pretty inexpensively these days. Places like TigerDirect and NewEgg seem to have perpetual specials on them. Some advise against tracking to them. I have without issue, and backup to NAS.
  3. Makzimia

    Makzimia Active Member

    Thanks Rev.
  4. Reverend Lucas

    Reverend Lucas Active Member

    I take back everything good I said about SSDs. Ok... not everything, but mine in my recording computer gave out on me last night. Luckily back-ups make this an inconvenience, rather than a total loss.
    I am wondering how much of it has to do with the age of the drive (it was about four years old), or how much of it had to do with how I was using it, or if it was random failure. It was a Samsung, for the record.
  5. Makzimia

    Makzimia Active Member

    Ahh yes, Toshiba and Samsung were an issue years ago. Also, Hitachi, I used to build computers for a living. That was the mid 90s of course :). I know we all get to a point where personal experience colours our feeling about gear etc. I am leaning towards just getting solid 7200rpm 1TB drives. One of my PCs (touch wood) is still going strong with same hard drive from 5 years ago. I would get raptors, but, the budget got slammed with the studio build...

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