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changing tubes in your sebatron

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by mikE@THECAVE, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Great subject I haven't tried that yet. Do you have a link for any sources for the JJ tubes? How do they change the sound? Brighter, mellower, warmer, harder, more transparent ???
  3. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    hi kurt
    well i just picked up a few different tubes just to fool around with.I 'm not unhappy with the JJ tubes.But im trying a telefunken and a CV 4024 mullard.I think the telefunken sounds more clear not as cloudy.Its like the bass is there but more open.The mullard sounds better thean the JJ I think.I ll send you a few articles that people have ABed some 12at7 tubes.When i was testing the tubes I ran the guitar and bass thru the inputs direct.I think you would dig the telefunkens and would be glad to hear your opinions on vocals and guitars.
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Cool ... I just may have a pair of Telefunkins here that will work. I have to look. They came with another mic pre I purchased. To tell the truth it sounds so good, I don't think it needs them. If they are the correct ones, I will try switching them out on a couple channels of my VMP 4000e for a different flavor, sort of like the re chipping option offered on some solid state pres ...

    Is it possible for you to post links to those articles so everyone can share?
  5. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    well im not sure how to post things on here so i would like to share the articles that i have found on the net.But really anyone that is interested can find them on google.
    I think the telefunkens are a more foward sound if that makes sense.Let us know your thoughts.
  6. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    kurt when you use the sebamp do you use the pads for different thickness of the track or have you been recording everything no pad
  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Oh, I futz with everything on the panel ... daisey chain multiple pres whatever .... i have found the VMP to be a very versitile pre amp. I could live with only 12 channels of Seb pres .... and nothing else, if I had to..
  8. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    Oh c'mon Kurt ,, what about some nice scotch? :lol:

    As for the valves , i like the J.J although we have to sift through quite a few to get acceptable levels.
    Valves vary amongst themselves as well and matching up sets can be very time consuming.

    Years down the track we'll be making our own of course. 8)

    We just need to source enough coal for the glass furnace and enough bicycles to create the vacuums.....
    Heaps of fun. :cool:
  9. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    ah what a feeling- I have two telefunkens daisy chained under the hood with the top down and the air and deep on.Cruise control on pads set for take off.
    Man when you say ''deep'' you mean way down there-Thats an unreal bottom sound
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Sebatron, Maybe a fattie now and then but I'm an instant a#%hole ... just add alcohol ... I stopped drinking 16 years ago ...

    Will the chimps be pedaling the bicycles? :D
  11. achille

    achille Active Member

    changing tubes

    What is the procedure for changing the tubes in the Sebatron ? Nead a special instrument or just pull out ?
  12. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    just pull out ---i've got 2 more tubes on the way .Ill let you guys know how they sound.

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