CharterOak SCL-1 Discrete Compressor Limiter

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by audiokid, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. audiokid

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    I would like to welcome CharterOak Acoustic Devices as our newest sponsor here. Its a privilege to have HIGH QUALITY companies like this supporting our community.

    CharterOak make a variety of fine microphones, headphones and now great outboard gear that any serious studios should know more about!
    I am particularly interested in the SCL-1 "Discrete Compressor Limiter" which I will have the opportunity to test out later this year. I'm so excited about this compressor, I'm certain it will help my recording business.

    Michael Deming
    I've posted one of their video's on the sidebar with Michael Deming using it on drums for your interest (made at the Soundpure Studio). There are quite a few other SCL-1clips in action that are just as interesting.
    If you are at all interested in compression and how this will greatly benefit your mix, you should definitely check the clips out. The SCL-1 is really cool and IMO, a must have for any serious studio.

    I hate to point anyone away from here but this thing has such high ratings I want our community to take notices as it helps the music and that's why we are here (to learn about recording). Here is an excellent thread over at the slutz site:

    And a clip using it with an acoustic guitar;
  2. TrilliumSound

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    I have the SCL-1 for about 1 1/2 year now. When I tried it, there was no review (to my knowledge) yet, I was very impressed. Extremely clean and transparent! No color but a load of make up gain available. It is certainly not a character comp with attitude but it does superbly what it suppose to do: compression with no artifacts. I guess this would be very good for tracking purposes as well but for Mastering, this is very nice and very welcome for me. It brings up the background (and volume lifting) in a very transparent way. Try it! Ask Mike (CharterOak) at: md [AT]charteroakacoustics[DOT]com, he is a very very nice man and I am sure he will find a way to get one to you. There is Studio Economik in Quebec that is the CharterOak distributor in Canada (Studio Economik | Pro-Audio Recording Equipment | Canada) ask Francois at: guinois[AT]economik[DOT]com. I had a little issue once with it (a loose ground) and he (Mike) has been very fast and effective, calling right away and he is certainly not hiding behind his products, CharterOak is hi-class.

    Interestingly, reviewers were saying that it is wonderful for acoustic music and not for Rock or pop etc... but for me, I mostly do all my Metal music jobs with it in the chain. Not for color (sometimes, the mixes are already colored), but for lifting the background (maybe sort of like a Pendulum OCL-2 would do) but again, even more transparent in my opinion. The price is right and good also (3k).

    An yes you can crank the threshold and get a load of GR without pumping.

  3. Big K

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    I tried the SCL at my local shop and I am impressed...
    It is the over-all sound even with higher GR that I like most
    It stays quite transparent and, yet, delivers a good push.

    I tested it with Rock and Jazz pieces and I, too, can not see why it shouldn't be used
    on a wide area of music styles. The SCL-1 performed excellently on anything I threw at it..
    A brillant and well-engineered compressor.. My list for Christmas shopping just got longer...


    P.S.: Is the guitar in the video properly tuned??.....I don't think so, ...pitty....
  4. TrilliumSound

    TrilliumSound Active Member

    Glad that you have tried it!
    It gets quite some time to get used to it (threshold - dyn & static). I use it pretty often with the Ratio at 1 (near 1.5:1 to 2) within a .5dB of GR with the input cranked at 10 and hear the lifting (clean) in dual mode!

  5. audiokid

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    Cool, SCL-1 tips ! More more...

    Mine is on its way!
  6. BassFuzz

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    Thanks Richard. I like that setting!

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