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cheapest external devices that sound good.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by imloggedin, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. imloggedin

    imloggedin Guest

    im new to the game of recording so please bare with me. i was just wondering what some cheap external devices for a pc are that you can record 8 tracks or more simultaniously? or whatever you guys reccomend. i dont know where to look for good quality. is m-audio any good? it doesnt neccisarily have to be 8 tracks i guess. but id like to record my drums with at least 8 mics and be able to eq every mic after the recording. please advise, thanks.
  2. imloggedin

    imloggedin Guest

    also, i used cakewalk sonar to mix and edit. how do that translate to external devices. is their a way to record from 8 mics to sonar with each mic having its own track? is that what i get with these external devices like m-audio. or is it just like a mixer with one output.. so i get all my mics dumped into one track?
  3. I have an m-audio Delta 44 from a few years back.
    It worked fine, except with Cakewalk, which never wanted to allow me to use inputs 3/4.

    I have since stopped using both Cakewalk and the Delta 44. I haven't really used or looked into other M-Audio products, but I suppose the Delta 1010 would theoretically meet your needs.
  4. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    the thing is that there are a lot of average things out there but usually they don't have pre-amps! for example the emu 1820m gets lot of props but it only has 2 pres! then you can connect via adat and connect pres to the ins!
    one piece of gear that comes to my mind with 8 pres, software, mixing console is the roland studio pack pro (i think it's this name but it includes the Roland SI24 Studio Interface Control Surface)
    other that has dropped it's price and is a great tool is the motu 896hd! it has 8 pres, more 8 via adat and spdif for around 1000 $!

    but what you have to notice is that it isn't just the line ins that count! you have to have pre-amps to work with them!
  5. imloggedin

    imloggedin Guest

    i appreciate the info about preamps. can you refer me to a product that has around 8 inputs and is cheap with preamp or not. and can someone explain how software reads these products. for instance the m-audio products.. when i see a screen shot of the software it says 1/2... 3/4.. does this mean that 1/2 is left and right? so everything is mono?
  6. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    inputs are always mono! then you can pan them as you like! digital in is stereo!
    but for people here to suggest products to you you have to tell us what you already have, what is your budget and so on...
    if you don't have pres why would we suggest you something like the motu 24 i/o?
    don't expect to have all the goods delivered to you without trying! i can see you're new at this cause of that mono question...
    tell us more and more help will appear!

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