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    DKAUDIO DKAUDIO Active Member

    Hey everyone! Can you take a listen to my mix and master of a cover I am working on "Sun Daze"-Florida Georgia Line. I would love any comments or criticism! Im not sharing the whole thing for copy right reasons, but let me know!

    1: mix

    2: master


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  2. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    sounds good to me... it's a fun song, too. Any critiques I have certainly wouldn't be deal breakers and would just be personal preference stuff...
  3. JayTerrance

    JayTerrance Active Member

    Seems like you're missing some harmonies - one of them on the lead vocal at times. The reason I say that is that your lead vox sounded a bit "lonely" to me, so I had to check the original and see why I initially thought that when first listening to yours. Sounds fun though.

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