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check out this waveform, terrible noise in it

Discussion in 'Recording' started by elemnt_x, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. elemnt_x

    elemnt_x Guest

    I recently got the emu-1820 sound card and began toying around with it. I plugged my bass in a just strummed a string to test that it was recording... and this is what resulted. a horrible sounding waverform with all sorts of jagged peaks. now i've had such horrible luck with multitracking. before i had the motu 828 with my celeron laptop, and i got similar clicks and pops. i now have an athlon 3200+ with 512mb with the emu, and the same sort of problem is happening. whats my alternative to using the asio drivers? i record in n-track, and edit in cool edit pro. im ready to try anything now! grrrrr.

    am i better off going with a stand alone, hard disc recorded like one of those cheapy boss/tascam 300-500 dollar units? i think thats my next move...


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