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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by BillyBoyy, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. BillyBoyy

    BillyBoyy Active Member

    Im making this song for my girlfriend and dont know anyone i cant get some good advice from so if you can all have a listen that would be great!

    And please go crazy with pointing out all of the bad things with it, that way i will know how to make it better!!


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  2. philter1

    philter1 Active Member

    Hiya Bill. Sounds good to me. What's that gap at 00:10 though? Not impressed with the splash you use in the acoustic part, needs a better sample.
    When the rockin starts at 2:04, the drums get buried. You need to sort the levels out there: eq, pan stuff around so you have a clearer image.
    Pretty good effort though.
  3. BillyBoyy

    BillyBoyy Active Member

    thanks for the reply

    I dont know much about mixing drums i just want to get the mix done before laying vocals as they always sound MAJORLY out of place
  4. BillyBoyy

    BillyBoyy Active Member

    thanks for the reply

    I dont know much about mixing drums so thats always a problem!

    Need to get mix done as whenever i record vocals always sound majorly out of place
  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Between 00:50 and 1:03 there is some odd aliasing. It sounds like jitter to me. It starts to occur again at 1:45. It doesn't sound right so I'm assuming it's not intended. Could be a plugin that is "soft" clipping. At any rate, it doesn't sound good. Is anything going into the red? It could also be a phase issue. I think increasing your buffers would probably solve some of this. It may not but it's worth a shot.

    You could really tighten up the electric rhythm toward the climax. It just sounds a bit sloppy. Depending on what DAW you are using this could either be a cinch or a chore.

    Try not compressing everything so much. Let the string pad breathe. Give it some space. Reverb even. I know it's not popular to use reverb these days but it really can add some life to your mix if you use it right. It has a very narrow stereo spread. The song itself sounds good. Very radio friendly.

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