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Chorus problem

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by ruffsense, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. ruffsense

    ruffsense Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Im a Newbie and im from the Netherlands.
    Im seeking for help with my chorus on every song. My chorus sounds everytime so lame.

    How do i need to record them.
    -2 tracks for lead
    -With 2 for adlibs?

    Are am im doing something wrong.

    Owh yeah Im forgetting a main point. I cant sing so i sound awful.
    Can i do something about it, with pitching are something.(Are effects).
    BTW: I have a low heavy voice.

    Im using Digi002(Pro tools LE 7.4) and my mic is Shure SM7B.

    Can somebody please help me out and sorry for my bad english.(im dutch) :)
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Take singing lessons. Practice. These are the only valid things that will make your music better.
  3. song4gabriel

    song4gabriel Active Member

    "Owh yeah Im forgetting a main point. I cant sing so i sound awful."

    i think you answered your own question.
  4. BluepryntEnt

    BluepryntEnt Guest

    see thats what i mean all that damn bashing!!!
    just answer the question damnit!!!

    i do 1 lead+ center
    1 dub +first compression + reverb+ center
    1 fill + center
    2 adlibs +pan left right

    it makes the chorus sound fuller and stand out more, for your pitch, the only thing i can thing i can think of is auto tune, or vocal coach
    but the new thing nowdays is autotune

    need any other tips email me personally, most of these clowns dont know
  5. song4gabriel

    song4gabriel Active Member

    of course bluep really means a "pirated copy of autotune"

    and "email me persoanlly" really means- "email me personally and i will sell you a pirated copy of autotune"
  6. BluepryntEnt

    BluepryntEnt Guest

    see thats what i mean, :roll:
    ok" song4gabriel"
    email me personally means: i know a dim wad douche named "song4gabriel"
    is just going to jump to conclusions, and is really a fan "BLUE" and thats why he trolling my questions. :twisted:

    email me personally

    and still the only one answered, :-? i hope your as a good producer as you are hater
  7. jammster

    jammster Active Member


    if you have a way of putting your song on soundclick or myspace and providing us a link we may be able to help you pinpoint the problem.

  8. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    There's an idea. Tough to give advice on something when you don't know what the problem is.

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