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Clear Channel’s multi-platform network connects 243 million listeners each month

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by audiokid, Jan 11, 2014.

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    I listen to a clear channel station here in Grand Bay, Al called The Rocket. There is a female personality, Maria Milito, who sounded convincingly local.

    Recently I picked up some work in Vicksburg, Ms. Being a button pusher I pushed buttons until I located something interesting. It was Maria Milito on z106.com. A 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive depending on who is driving.

    So I checked both websites and found her profile on both websites. I thought "That is, as I well know it" a hard working person. Does she drive 4 hours everyday to do both gigs?

    So I emailed her, I said:

    "Hey girl, got a question for ya. Exactly how can you work at z106 in Jackson and then I find you on 106the rocket in Mobile? Do you make that drive daily or is it a home studio...I find it kinda cool but haven't satisfied myself in how you and most likely others do this kind of radio magic.

    Are you on other stations as well?

    Love you show,
    Brien Holcombe"

    She replied:
    "Hi Brien,
    Actually all done thru modern technology; I'm in a studio in NYC.
    And yes I'm on other stations as well throughout the country."

    NEW YORK CITY? facepalm

    Not only was she not local and not even a Southern girl...she lives in NEW YORK city!!!

    ClearChannel has most of the radio stations and a large slice of the market and with this type of trick, probably employ the least amount of people.
  4. audiokid

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    The world gets smaller, less jobs and more people. Thanks for posting this and Kudo's for asking her.

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