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Clearsonic Isopac G... OR??

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Black Beethoven, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone... first time posting, been lurking for a while.

    I will be recording in my room at home and taking raw vocals up to NY for mixing. I have been considering purchasing a Clearsonic Isocpac G vocal booth for this application. We will be recording hip-hop and r&b. Here's the dilemma... I'm a bit skeptical about the Clearsonic but it seems like a nice option because it has a ceiling.

    My "room" is actually a converted basement into a bedroom. Therefore if anyone is walking upstairs u can hear it in the room, as well as the HVAC system running while recording which leads to background noise in the room. I can effectively process/filter out the noise but I know that it is taking away from the vocals. With that being said, I've been looking at the Clearsonic booth as a cost effective alternative. I can't afford a Whisper Room so now I'm at a crossroads. I've also been looking at the TeaBagz from Modular Acoustics... I've been hearing good things about them. Any input and/or suggestions?

    Thanks and pardon my long wind.
  2. deuxk

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    Do you buy Clearsonic Iso-Pac G? What you thing bout it?


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