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Clocking Midi for In the Box production

Discussion in 'Recording' started by caligula, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. caligula

    caligula Guest

    My mpc1000 is getting returned or going back on ebay, a pad doesn't work and i don't want to fix it (it's a big issue with these) and i'm going software until i have enough cash for a better sampler (i've had about 10-11, and when there's a big hardware failure, or repeat problem, i dump
    em the only "vintage" piece i had was an asr-10, no problems, just flipped it for a bug profit). I hear that the one thing you don't want a computer doing is clocking the sequence, unless it's an old atari, or just doing midi. what can i use to clock, without getting apogee gear? Just a regular cheap old drum machine? a standalone sequencer? thanks!

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