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Compatability issue

Discussion in 'Recording' started by MrJulius, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. MrJulius

    MrJulius Guest

    I am planning on getting


    And my computer (laptop) only has a 4-Pin firewire port.

    Will I be able to use a converter such as


    Or am I going to need an "ExpressCard" (only thing my computer is compatible with) to get firewire ports? If I do need an ExpressCard, does anyone know where I can buy a "Abocom" brand card? Newegg does not have them.

    Thanks a lot guys, I am looking forward to sticking around these forums!
  2. BRH

    BRH Active Member

    Just use a 4 to 6 pin cable. More reliable


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