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Compressor plug-ins vs. outboard

Discussion in 'Recording' started by apodos, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. apodos

    apodos Guest

    Aside from the poorer tracking capabilities, can I get a free or very cheap compressor plug-in that will function as well as a $100-200 outboard compressor? I'll be using the compressor on vocals and acoustic guitar. There is another thread in this category which gives a website for a free compressor plug but my experience is limited to the compressor in the DBX 576(which I've sold) outboard compressor; I've never tried plugin compressors. Please enlighten me......
  2. apodos

    apodos Guest

    And, by the way, does anyone know of any plugs that actually work in Cakewalk home studio 2004(compressor plugs, that is)
  3. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

  4. I go outboard whenever I can. I hit signal fairly hard to tape as is, so I usually only compress a few things during mix.
    Plug-ins make everything smaller. David

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