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Discussion in 'Recording' started by WichitaHorror, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. I am just starting to get into the whole recording thing so I might be posting often to gain information. But my question is. What is better buying external compressor or using a software compressor. Will the sound be the same quality either way or will the external sound better? Will all out board or "external" effects sound better then computer software or will it sound equal?

    Thanks for the help,

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    There advantages and disadvantages to using either when recording in DAW ...

    I prefer the sound of the time tested standards like the DBX 160, Urei LA2a, LA3's, LA 4's and 1176 ... but to use them in a mix on a DAW requires that you convert out of digital, process and then re convert back to the DAW or mix on a console ..(another subject) .. while using the plugs keeps you in the digital realm and allows for full recall of the mix and automation with a key stroke ..

    It's a trade off and it should be taken on a case by case basis.. I usually just use the hardware on the way in, getting the sound at capture and then use plugs to "finish off" the mix.
  3. Thanks, yeah I did not give much information on how I record sorry. I use sonar 4 producers edition, along with a 10 channel computer recording system. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=rec/search/detail/base_pid/700354/

    I dont know if this matters but I will be recording Metal music. So, drums, guitar, bass, and screaming.


  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member


    That's a new one on me ... I haven't seen that before.

    So that has 2 mic pres (you won't be able to use a compressor on those as it doesn't look like there are inserts on those pres) and 8 line ins ... with which you're going to need mic pres for ...and if you like you will be able to use a compressor through.
  5. You cant use a pre amp on the mic inputs? only on the line inserts? Also I forgot to say I have this preamp http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=rec/search/detail/base_pid/184125/

    Honestly I dont really tell a difference in sound when I use it though?


  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    That's correct ... the mic inputs are mic pres ... and as such cannot be used to plug in outboard mic pres ... all you acomplish is an extra stage of amplification ...and added noise..

    Even with the PreSonus Tube pre, you are still going to need another seven channels of mic pres...

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