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Computer on Order - Need Advice ASAP!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by TomF, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. TomF

    TomF Guest


    I NEED YOUR ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!I have to decide by tomorrow :?

    I just placed an order for a New G5/Dual 2.5/512mb/160gb
    upgraded to 2x1gb with 2- Glyph GTO50-250 Firewire HD and a 002R. Now I find out today that Pro Tools LE is now compatable
    with the new G5/Dual 2.7 w/Tiger with the new LE upgrade.
    The main difference between the 2.5 and 2.7 beyond Tiger on the new towers is the 16X Dual Layer DVD . The 2.5 has a 8X DVD-R single layer. The price difference between the two is $425.00.

    1)Should I cancel the 2.5 and order the new 2.7?

    2)Will there be an advantage to using the 2.7 w/Tiger and the upgraded LE, Is it worth the price difference?

    3)Should I leave it as is with the 2.5 w/Panther and upgrade both at a later date?

    The company is also installing all the software that I bought in the computer (Pro Tools,Waves Platinum bundle,Antares Auto Tune and Roxio Toast and Jam). They test the system to see if everything is OK before shipping it out.

    4)Another option would be, to have them install Tiger on the 2.5 and upgrade the 002R to the new LE 6.9.2


    Your Help is Really Appreciated!!
  2. hociman

    hociman Active Member


    If you have the money, and the time, grab the 2.7. Otherwise, the benefits may be slight (superdrive and processor speed). The 2.7 will become obsolete a little later than the 2.5 as well, since its a bit faster.
  3. TomF

    TomF Guest

    Thanks for the reply Jonathan!

    I had to make a decision yesterday morning and went with the 2.5.
    My sales rep at Dale Pro Audio suggested staying with the 2.5.
    He also said as you did "the benefits may be slight (superdrive and processor speed)"I probably wouldn't even notice it. But he did also say I would be a guinea pig with the 2.7 until all the bugs are worked out with it and Pro Tools. Plus there is alot of software thats not compatable with Tiger at this time. He suggested installing Tiger after everything has settled down or just staying with Panther if thats working for me. It made sense, so I went with the 2.5. Plus I saved the $425.00 ,not that that was a deal breaker.

    Thanks again for the response
  4. hociman

    hociman Active Member


    Ah, I was too tired to notice the time. As for being a guinea pig with the 2.7, isn't that still the case with the 2.5? Don't both machines have the same architecture aside form the processor speed, or the 2.5 not get any kind of a revision when the 2.7 was released?
  5. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    I think the guinea pig part comes from using Tiger and the newly realeased patch.

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