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Computer Recording!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by xX5thQuarterXx, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. xX5thQuarterXx

    xX5thQuarterXx Active Member

    Hey so i got my home studio all finished and everything sounds great.

    But when i record, our drummer and lead guitar record at the same time to get the tempo right.

    My question is, since im using a G5 Mac OSX can we record at the same time threw the same mixer, but have the gitar and drums lay downs as 2 differnt tracks?
  2. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    To give an accurate answer you'll have to be more precise.

    What mixer are you using?
    What software are you using?
    What soundcard or interface are you using?
    How many tracks for drums and guitar?

    The computer you're recording with has nothing to do with your question. Any modern computer can record a drumset and a guitar if the rest of the stuff is right, like your mixer, soundcard and software.
  3. xX5thQuarterXx

    xX5thQuarterXx Active Member

    OK so im using G5 mac
    with garageband wich it came with- i know i probably need a differnt program.

    I have an Alesis MultiMix, 8 channel w/ USB.
    And i dont know about the sounds card, its the stock G5 Mac OSx card. srry

    And it would be great if i could get the 8 channels into 6 tracks but just drums on one track and guitar on another would do just fine.
  4. mud5150

    mud5150 Guest

    your soundcard would be the alesis, unfortunately that device is only capable of 2 tracks 1 left 1 right if you pan the drums hard left and guitar hard right you can record 2 mono tracks to your comp.
  5. xX5thQuarterXx

    xX5thQuarterXx Active Member

    ok ilkl give it a try and keep u posted how it goes[/list]

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