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Concenser mics

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by teachable, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. teachable

    teachable Guest

    This is my first post, so if this has already been asked, I apologize. This site is quite extensive.

    Just some background. My wife writes and composes her own music. I am a control freak(that was hard to admit).....and have found that Church PA and sound in general is facinating. I had a Peavey XR600 and a 4 track tape recorder. I have since upgraded(I guess)and built what I would consider a home studio. I just purchased a digital Tascam recorder and a Samson C01 Condenser mic. I have a 16 channel Peavey MK II mixer, with eq's and amps, monitors and all that jazz.

    The problem(other than my experience) is that having a bunch of musicians playing together is cool, but when I sit to record, the condenser mic completely dominates me. Now, the only reason why I bought a condenser is because I see them in pictures of recording studios. Bad reason to buy, but I like to be challenged and bought it knowing it would challenge my learning curve.

    My gain knob is the only life saver I have found to stop the squeal. I can be going for a short amount of time. Her voice sounds great.....than is starts to creep up. When she stops singing is comes on to? I put all my eq's to zero, just for clueless sake.

    Wondering it there are tricks to condensers or if I am using them wrong.....anything. She wants to record and I can't control it.......not good!!

  2. jasondirckze

    jasondirckze Guest

    Are you recording with your monitors on????
  3. teachable

    teachable Guest

  4. pmolsonmus

    pmolsonmus Well-Known Member

    That's problem #1. You're creating a feedback loop.

    A great source of info is the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook and any basic home recording guide or internet search to help with your configuration.

    If you're trying to do a live recording of the band with vocals then you could... use seperate mics for recording and take a line off the mixer that doesn't go to the PA. Or... use headphones or ...add anything that needs a mic later using headphones playing back what you've already recorded.

    Welcome to the nightmare.
  5. teachable

    teachable Guest

    thanks that did help!

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