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confused by antares auto-tune

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Goldenn, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Goldenn

    Goldenn Active Member

    First of all - what is the difference in auto-tune and auto-tune EVO (same with harmony engine /- evo and so on.. ) ? Is the Evo cutted version or upgrated version?

    Secondly i cant keep up with all these different types of autotune .. on the pictures it seems like everybody got antares with different options .. to they have updated versions or what ? mine is 5.0.9 and i dont have half the buttons i see in videos ..

    But the most important question from them all is why dont i have port number selection on my autotune for midi controlling . I use FL studio and antares autotune VST version 5.0.9 and im trying to control it with my computer keyboard but there isnt port number in my auto-tune . Is this to do something in my fl studio settings (cause ive tryed everything in midi options and so on ) or is it something to do with this that i dont have full version of auto-tune ?

    Thanks everyone for anserwing and sorry for my bad english.
  2. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Hello Goldenn

    Welcome to our Recording.org forum. Good to have you with us.

    I am sorry, but I have given up on Autotune quite a while ago.
    But there are a few experts who will surly help you, here.

    For various reasons I use Melodyne, now, with great success and ease.
    Especially with the new-ish DNA function it is the better tool for me when it
    comes to pitch, timing and repairing audio tunes.
  3. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    The first thing you should do is consult your manual. Sorry but it sounds to me like you haven't done this yet. The getting started manual might help but I have a feeling you will need to dig into the PDF manual that likely installed when you installed autotune and or FruityLoops. You may be able to download the reference manual from Antares, though they may want you to register your product to do that if you haven't already. Sorry, no hand-holding from me. It's always good practice to learn how to learn your programs.

    I don't use autotune. I prefer Melodyne as well. It's just more logical as a pitch and timing correction tool. The autotune effect thing is so cliche now, I don't know why anyone would want to buy into it this late in the game. If you want to know the difference between versions, go to the source. Right hand side of the page about half way down "Compare Autotune Versions"
  4. Goldenn

    Goldenn Active Member

    Thanks eveyone for reply . I discoverd that i do have port number selection it just was slightly different place. Yes finaly :D Now i think how was i so stupid that i didnt find it in place so simple .Left corner. I still dont know the difference between autotune and autotune EVO but let it be . And yes i havent consulted with my manual . Just too many difficult and specific words that i dont understand as english isnt my main language .. i wacht youtube tutorials as they are much simple to observe.
    I downloaded Melodyne and it do is much simpler even tho i just tried it like half an hour .. i wait so much for trying it out tonight ..
    I have both of them illegally downloaded :( Just starting and i dont have that much money right now . First i need to buy some other things and hope that soon i will purpose full versions . Its worth it and the people developing the software deserve it . But im just experimenting right now so i hope its not that much of a loss as i wouldnt buy them right now anyway and if i like em i will...
  5. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    There are demos for most softwares for testing them legaly!

    It is quite cheaky to tell us you are using cracks, of what everyone else on this professional recording forum has payed for!
    Also, in time you will find out that those cracks have a lot of bugs and can mess up your work just nicely.
    Please, come back when you have a legal version...
    We do not support illegal software piracy, nor crack ware user !
  6. Goldenn

    Goldenn Active Member

    Yeaa sorry i will .. i dont want to bring any bad repotation to this forum . Just i have no many and need some experience(demos are expired) ..i will buy full verion as soon as i get some money ... i quess i aint the first one . Now i feel pretty bad bout myself but still im much wiser now . Thanks
  7. rapstarsupreme

    rapstarsupreme Active Member

    I also gave up on auto-tune a while back. It is a thing of the past. No need to feel bad about yourself Goldenn, you just need some experience. I hope you find the software you need. Be careful not to invest in some software that you will end up not using.
  8. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I've never bought a pitch correction software after I dumped Pro Tools in 2002 but tried a current Antares autotune demo and it worked great and it wasn't the Cher sound at all! I was very impressed. I believe Antares has two versions. I haven't tried Melodyne though. I have been thinking about buying something but I keep singing in tune lol! Just kidding.... sort of :) :tongue:

  9. msoares

    msoares Active Member

    Hi Goldenn! I think that the Melodyne is a good option for you. Advanced features make a nice job!

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