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Congas - Options?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Big Toe, May 28, 2001.

  1. Big Toe

    Big Toe Guest


    I'm a small studio guy who is looking to buy a good "house" set for using on rock and/or roll sessions. I know about the LP/ Remo stuff/options and might very well go that route, I'm just wondering if there are other small makers out there that are recommended by anyone? (Price around 400 per but would be willing to pay less.)

    Any advice would be appreciated - i can't seem to find any info...
  2. riconga

    riconga Member

    Big Toe, for your situation a set of remos or glass lps with synthetic heads will be low maintanence and always sound good ( if tuned and played well of course) however if you want really fine traditional wood drums at a great price Jay Berek at Skin on Skin makes exeptional drums for just under $400. a piece ( at your door ) e mail me for more info.
  3. Big Toe

    Big Toe Guest

    Much appreciated!

    Got the info... Much thanks Riconga!
  4. riconga

    riconga Member

    Glad to help, let me know how it works out.

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