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Congrats to AVID!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Jim Rosebrook, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    Chartering a path for product development is a tough game... LOTS of back-seat drivers waiting to criticize.

    Today, AVID can feel pretty good about some of it's decisions... excellent quarterly report released last night, first quarterly profit in 4 years, BIG stock jump....

    Avid shares surge on first profit in 4 years | Reuters
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I take it you bought stock?
  3. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    Sadly no.... I'd been watching it for the last few months thinking about buying some.... but I missed this 20% jump.

    However, more than the stock news... It's good the see some profit kick in after a 4-year gap. THAT is what is good for all of us. Companies need to be profitable to advance the technologies that we all use.
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    You should have caught them when their stock dropped to just above $6 earlier this year. By now you'd be laughing. Have you been following PT 10 and HDX? I'm not so sure this crest will last long.
  5. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    I've already bought two PT 10 HD Native systems.... they are running excellent on Lion.
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    There is a new generation of musicians that don't need PT anymore. They don't even need to play an instrument and hardly sing well. The new musicians are DJ's that play beats and take great honour in looping tracks on the fly. Its too much work learning an instrument. It bores me to death, but its how it going and its growing. The plug-in boomers are creating a new economy of the music industry. Avid is way behind on this. Many of us feel Avid/ Pro Tools best years are behind them. The whole HD thing is so over rated and being replaced by new systems. UA Apollo is going to eat Native alive. Just watch. Invest in that company, not Avid.

    Just thought I'd toss that in for some fun!
  7. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    There are lots of fun tools used to create different genres of music. However, I think the Pro Tools workflow has a pretty secure position in most situations. And when the full benefit of the Euphonix acquisition is realized.... It's gonna get even better. We have yet to see what the Eucon protocol will bring to a C24 type device.
  8. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    It sounds good but who is going to keep paying high prices for products in this new economy that become dated so fast you can only trade it in with Avid. People are catching on to the Avid scam which is, they charge outrages prices for their hardware and then give it back to you on a trade in to keep you hooked. Mean while, the rest of the industry is passing them by with modular products that can be integrated with the rest of the world. I just don't see it anymore. We also know that Pro Tools does not sound better than the least expensive DAW out there.

    I wonder what age group uses Pro Tools HD. I would predict its between 30 and 50 and they are all wise to the business now. Its a new generation coming and it isn't the Pro Tools crowd.
  9. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Pro Tools is not going to lose it's post production users. That is where they have laid their foundation. That is where HDX excels. Other DAWs are easily as good but none of them currently have the DSP power that an HDX system has. Small market though.

    The problem is that the big time Music recording studio has become a thing of the past. All of the production has gone to the project studio and the home studio. Sure, for the most part there is something largely lacking in the home studio but the internet is closing the gap. The average joe is learning. People know about room nodes and absorption. They are coming to understand how to construct a good mix.

    For better or worse this is the case. And, though there are many millions of bad artists and poor recording engineers out there, there are still others who have got a knack for it. Home production is getting better and better. That is where the Pro Tools market is losing foot hold. Not every project studio can afford an HDX system and for the price, they can get a smokin' rig with an A/D, D/A converter of their choice and probably some change left over for at least one really nice preamp.

    Emulations of high end gear are getting progressively better. Mics are getting better and cheaper. As much as I don't want to see the boutique gear fading, it's happening. It's a blessing and a curse.
  10. Mo Facta

    Mo Facta Active Member

    Avid is clearly moving away from music support and more into the game of post production. It's obvious. That's where all the budgets are these days.

    Cheers :)
  11. Mo Facta

    Mo Facta Active Member

    Oh, and one more thing I wanted to say was that because of what hueseph pointed out, those who make a living off of audio are finding it more and more difficult.

    What is the solution? Is pro audio going to be a dead industry, bypassed by the internet and vintage emulations?

    I'm scared.

    Cheers :(
  12. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    After watching Fab's video on the Apollo at NAMM 2012, this is not a problem anymore. You can process audio using plug-ins on the way in and during mixing. The Apollo has a UAD QUAD built in so who cares about what Avid has now. UA just took over. And more are coming...
  13. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    The Apollo appears to be a fantastic interface for music production for sure.... BUT...

    hueseph was referencing the importance of HDX to the post industry... And in that realm, an HDX rig will be the better tool for high end users.
  14. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Yes, but that market (pro audio) is diminishing fast. Only to make a point, my system is every bit as pristine as an Avid system already. But I am no longer interested in running so many plug-ins anymore. The hybrid crowd is growing. The pro audio industry is realizing they are a trap. The more you use, the more it seems you need another plug-in to fix something.

    The wanker world is more into plug-ins for their looping software so why would they invest in a high end Avid system. Follow? The great divide is happening.

    I'm simply tossing in the devils advocate to keep us grounded here.
  15. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    I believe with the shift to the AAX format, many in "pro-audio" will thin out their messy collections of mediocre plug-ins, and stay focused on a smaller selection of well-crafted, "new" plug-ins.

    And as for the growth in hybrid systems???? I think that approach may have already peaked.

    The growing trend will be even MORE in-the-box, albeit with smaller selection of high-quality plug-ins.
  16. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I totally agree there and why AVID will not survive as a hardware based company.

    Oh my, big topic so boiled to death but it is fun.

    What's peaked is the information about hybrid. Its now humming along. I call this the great divide. Well designed modular summing systems with sophisticated routeing capabilities including some consoles that integrate well with DAW's, is whats happening.
    Over time DAW's and analog hardware are going to integrate better with each other, and then there is the vintage gear that will just stay the way it is :) This is where Pro Audio lives.

    This sonic awareness is streaming into all area's of this industry right down to young musicians ( real musicians) not wanting their music so digital and boring sounding. 100% ITB is not unique sounding and that alone is enough sign of change.

    Absolutely plug-ins will continue to improved along side with computers. The more people use plug-ins, the more the wanker industry will develop a generic sound print to a point it eats itself and be impossable to make money as a commercial studio. (Plug-in Studios) The pro audio industry as we once knew it will have no meaning to this generation. This is happening now and what I refer to as the Great Divide. Analog is alive and well in the high end world.

    As long as Avid is trying to compete in the plug-in world, they will be fighting a loosing battle because the plug-in world is open game and not loyal . Anyone on the block with a fast computer can play this cheap game. Avid is trying to control the pro audio industry rather than work with its neighbor. Its all about greedy share holders and their vision of profiting off the wankers and video game crowd. All empires who want control like this, and who alienate half the population, fall.

    High end analog integration will always be part of real pro audio. There are only so many plug-ins you need in the pro audio world, and less is more when it comes to rich sounding acoustic music. Plug-ins are for the electronic world more than they are for the acoustic world. The acoustic world is pro audio. The electronic world is stepping further and further away from pro audio. How is AVID going to convince me to buy into that BS anymore. Its the curse. No thanks, I see it much different now that I am back into analog. Its a solid and open sound that doesn't have conflicts and need software upgrades all the time, just to keep working. What a money sucking racket.

    Pro Tools is a terrible DAW for electronic music. Ableton Live and Fruity Loops are a few that excel. Samplitude and Sequoia are all you need for a high end tracking and composing DAW. I just don't see Avids vision anymore. They died in 2005.

    After 30 years in the profssional electronic world, and 30 years experience as an acoustic musician, I see it much different than the people following the tail end of this has been company.

    Back to you :) smoke
  17. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    What a joke, troll, shill what duh... Are you working for Avid or trying to increase the stocks for a week.


  18. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    AVID's critical next step for music production is control surfaces. We have not yet seen the full benefit of their acquisition of Euphonix. All of their current control surface products are carry-overs.

    Spreading the Eucon protocol, along with a major re-think of the relationship between control lay-out and plug-in GUI.... this has great potential.

    High-end, midrange, low-end.

    It's all about smooth, transparent workflow.

    The gear will get out of the way, and the music will be focus.... any and all genres.
  19. Jim Rosebrook

    Jim Rosebrook Active Member

    None of the above.

    Our industry has had a tough stretch over the last 5 years and it is encouraging to see signs of success.

    I want audio manufactures to be successful so they can continue to evolve the cool stuff we want to use.
  20. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    We're spending tons of cash on something we already had right, putting so much energy into creating a controller for what, so were can turn plug-ins on and off like hardware. And again, how many plug-ins do you need? Really, I would like to know how many plug-ins do you and others really need?

    this really seems like a trap more than anything.

    Think about it. You buy their software that needs plug-ins. But you can only use a few before you need more DSP, so you invest in more DSP and then buy more plug-ins to fix more of the zzzzz and squish. And then you need more DSP again. But then your CP starts to bog and you are forced to upgrade. But then you have conflicts and you need to upgrade your software, and then your plug-ins start to have conflicts all over again. Eventaully your entire investment is obsolete, Apple bails on making this particular CP and then you need to what? Avid is waiting for you and announces a deal. They give you way more for your trade than street, and in good will, toss in some free plug-ins like a crack dealer. But then you are going to need more DSP to run this new generation of plug-ins! so.... it goes on and on.
    But wait, now there is a controller on the horizon to help you control all these plug-ins, but only this version of software will work with Avid.

    I see the marvel, and love technology, especially MIDI , sequencing and basic automation but its starting to become idiotic to me. Its a money sucking racket that is derailing us from recording. People are getting it. Its turning recording into a computer game which doesn't have to be this automated and plastic sounding. What is pro audio?

    Storage and editing is where this all really shines. The rest of it is all about quantiy, not quality. Its about selling software and how to make it just affordable enough for the mass to do damage, while restricting competition that is good for our industry. Its smart business and worked for a good stretch but we shall see how long Avid can continue this game. Mass homes studios aren't doing us any sonic favours. Shareholders don't care about quality.
    How many plug-ins do you really need?

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