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construction question: building around pipes

Discussion in 'Studio Acoustics Forum' started by fevers_mirrors, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. fevers_mirrors

    fevers_mirrors Guest

    would it be ok to build a wall around a 5" PVC pipe that runs along the concrete slab wall in a basement without a soffit. the wall would be running perpendicular to the pipe, as in have the framing go right up to the pipe, and have a gap cut into the sheetrock for the pipe to pass through, and then fill that void with some self expanding foam to seal off the wall. here's a very very rough drawing.


    the "red" is the perpendicular sheetrock wall, the "orange" is the self expanding foam, "white" is the pipe, and the "grey" is the concrete slab wall.
  2. Paul Woodlock

    Paul Woodlock Guest


    Assuming the wall is to be used for sound isolation, I would imagine that as both the pipe and expanding foam are pretty grim isolation wise, it's not a good idea.

    The onyl thing I can think of is to also build a box around the pipe ( in the room taht needs the isolation ), stuffed with rockwool, and with the same isoaltion rating as the wall, for as long as that pipe is in the room.

    Paul :)
  3. fevers_mirrors

    fevers_mirrors Guest

    well i probably should have made this clear, but im talking strictly in a structural construction sense.

    im not concerned at all with isloation in this situation.
  4. z60611

    z60611 Active Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Any moisture nearby? Moisture and ureaformaldahide expanding foam react badly.

    What are you using the foam for? What is its purpose? What is the volume (in ft^3) that you intend to fill?

    A firestop wall for example requires different stuff.
  5. fevers_mirrors

    fevers_mirrors Guest

    these questions are really diverting from the question at hand.

    i want to know if you can build around a pipe without a soffit, simple as that. the other issues are irrelevant to me at this point.

    i need to know if a soffitt is always necessary around a pipe because of some structural reason, i.e probably to prevent the pipe from having weight from the wall come down on it, and potentially breaking the pipe, or is it strictly cosmetic, i.e to conceal the ugly looking pipe from view.


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