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Converting Files

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ShaneSelby, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. ShaneSelby

    ShaneSelby Guest

    I originally recorded my tracks at 24/96 in Nuendo and now due to system limitations I want to convert the tracks down to either 24/48 or 24/44. Basically, the higher format is wiping out my CPU once I start editing and using plugins. I converted one song down to 24/44 and gained a lot of system headroom and there didn’t appear to be any problems. So my question: Is there and problems related to converting my original audio down that I should know about before I do it? Also, which would be better for me to convert too 24/48 or 24/44? I was told it should be 24/48 due to the divisibility of the two.


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