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cool edit and aardvark

Discussion in 'Recording' started by tomlrane, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. tomlrane

    tomlrane Guest

    Help. I'm having problems getting my Aardvark Q10 to work with Cool Edit Pro 2.1. I had CEP working fine with a Soundblaster card, but when I got the Q10, I tested it out for recording and playback, and both worked, although I didn't have a chance to really use it. Then my computer crashed (related??) and I haven't been able to get playback to work since.

    Here's what I tried: reinstalling both, in either order; going to driver 7.04 for the Q10,

    Here's what works: RealPlayer, Windows media player, the tones from the Q10, --the SoundBlaster is out of there, so I know these sounds are coming from the Aardvark. Also, RealPlayer stutters and cuts out if I try to do anything else, like switch to a new webpage.

    I'm running XPHome on an AMD processor.

    Is this hopeless? I really like CEP, and I know it well, so I hope I can keep it, but I'm looking for a cheap way to do multi tracking. Does anyone else use CEP with an Aardvark?

    Is this the best forum to ask?

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