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cooling my ANUS

Discussion in 'Recording' started by garysjo, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. garysjo

    garysjo Active Member

    so I used the Zalman flower heat sink and fan (variable control) in my new ANUS because it is reportedly quiet. I also used the Enermax 350W P/S with the variable speed control for the same reason. Currently i have both fans running high and it's pretty loud. Obviously I can turn them both down, but I do not know what are acceptable temps for the mobo (P4PE) and P4 2.4B. With the fas on high i'm seeing processor temps of below 100F to about 104F. The mobo is between 76F and 86F. Anyone care to venture how high i can push these temps? it's pretty dang quiet when i turn them down.

  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Hey...if you're ANUS is hot and sweaty we don't need to know about that! TMI(Too Much Information...for James ) lol :p
    Personally I would gather that there is not much airflow going on there. That's why it's getting so hot. Sounds like the air is stagnant and just sitting there. Are you overclocking at all? That will boost the temp up as well.
    The Zalman fans aren't too noisey...at least from what I can remember. Then again the cases I have used those in were pretty solid and didn't leak noise to the outside much.
    What case are you using for it?
  3. garysjo

    garysjo Active Member

    It was an eye catching topic though wasn't it! (yuck)
  4. garysjo

    garysjo Active Member

    Hit enter by mistake. So Opus based on your comments, I guess temps around 104 and 86 for the cPU and mobo are quite hot?? What are optimal temps? No, no overclocking. The zalman is fine if you can turn it down some. Same goes for the Enermax. They are not very quiet when they are set for high. I was experimenting with turning my case fan off, that's when I got the higher temps. Wont do that again My case is a no namer, but it's really nice, heavy duty all around and dampens quite a bit of noise. I got it with a bare bones kit I got a few years ago from pcnut.com I actually wish I could find another one, pcnut.com does not have them anymore.
  5. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    The Zalmans are nice in a non-overclocked puter. Those temps are reasonable. When it comes down to quieting your rig, there's usually going to be a temp trade-off, unless you go to extreme measures.
    Those Zalman fans, the ones on the brackets, are 92mm. They make quite a roar when they're cranked-up. But when they're on low rpm, they push a decent amount of air, and their tone is much less high-pitched than a smaller fan pushing the same amount of air, therefore less intrusive and irritating.
    There are other heatsink/fan combos out that, like the Zalmans, give you good cooling at a reduced db level, but a similar temp trade-off applies with them, too. IMO, heatpipe technology for computer component cooling will grow in leaps and bounds in the next couple of years. We've just recently seen the first few products hit the mainstream market, and they work quite well. I just bought a Taisol CPU cooler with heatpipes last week. It cools better than a Thermalright SK6 with a 60mm Delta fan, yet with a LOT less noise, and it was only $32. It's fairly large, but surprisingly lightweight. It looks WAY kewl, too.
    Zalman makes a few heatpipe solutions for graphics cards, but the cost is pretty steep. To cool a powerful graphics card, the Zalman will run you about $40, which cools about the same as a TT Crystal Orb ($15). They DO look kewl, but they're very heavy, and they'e quite large. Also, unlike Zalman's CPU coolers, these VGA coolers don't require a fan, so they're completely silent. If you DO use a Zalman bracket fan with it, you'd better have an ice scraper handy. LOL
    Jeez, here I go, rambling again. Sorry ...
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