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Create a Sampled drum

Discussion in 'Drums' started by Blor007, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Blor007

    Blor007 Guest

    Hi ,

    I tried to use Skaletracker but I find this program to be very confusing.
    Are there any other programs to sample drum in a advanced way.
    (not fruity loops).
    Where you can write the notes on a partiture and then select the samples you like.

    Or a program that could convert Midi drum to sampled drum would be even better !!!
  2. there are many forms of sampling that u can use. one way is getting your hands on maybe an akai sampling unit and syncing it to the midi timecode. reason by propellerheads does a great job too, the kits are very accurate. Or you can use fruity loops. many people unestimate the power of that software, and find it comparable to a "toy". Ive used fruity loops for a while. I find it useful for my situation...

    there is a sample of my own sampled drum kit completely made in fruity loops here:



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