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Crossover recommendations

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by TornadoTed, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. TornadoTed

    TornadoTed Guest

    I'm thinking of building some main monitors to replace my Tannoy DMT 15 MkII's. I've looked into ATC's P4 monoblock amplifier and crossover but it weighs in at £4500 (roughly $8100) and of course I'd need 2 so I've been thinking of a cheaper solution using some of the kit I have already.

    I've got a pair of ATC 15" bass drivers already and I want to add an ATC midrange and Seas Excel Millenium tweeters. I've got no problem with building the cabs. I have 2 Chameleon power amps driving my Tannoys and I intend to get another to tri-amp the new speakers. What crossover would you recommend I get?

    I looked at a Dbx 234xl which is a 3 way stereo crossover but I must admit this is something I know hardly anything about so do you have any recommendations? Is this for live use, would it do those drive units justice? What about hi-fi crossovers?

    Any thoughts at all on this project of mine would be fantastic.
  2. TornadoTed

    TornadoTed Guest

    After a bit more research I'm quite keen on the ATC EC23, anybody have experience of this crossover?
  3. ictmanager

    ictmanager Guest


    I have built 2 active systems, and once had an atc ec23.It was amazingly clear and verstaile, but needed balanced connections. I have an active system at present which I built using tc bass drivers, atc scm10 speakers for mid/high, and tannoy supertweeters. The crossover is NHT but I am looking for an ATC again.
  4. TornadoTed

    TornadoTed Guest

    The ATC's look rare as hens teeth so I've been looking at the Ashly XR-2001, a 3 way stereo crossover. It looks really impressive and will do all I want it to do. I can't seem to find a web site for Ashly, anyone know if they have one? Also anyone got any first hand experience of Ashly gear, is the build, sound quality good etc?
  5. dpd

    dpd Active Member

    why not go with DSP crossover with speaker correction capability?
  6. TornadoTed

    TornadoTed Guest

    I'm a little bit suspicious of digital devices I have to admit. I've got a really good signal chain and don't want lower quality converters messing things up. I was looking at one of BSS's digital crossovers and it is less than the price of my AD DA converters and seen as most of the budget would I guess go into the crossover it's self made me wary. I wouldn't dismiss anything out of hand if it sounds good, that is my aim rather than features.
  7. dpd

    dpd Active Member

    I can't remember the two I have heard but both were in very high end audio installations. One was quite expensive, though. I just can't remember the brand, sorry

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