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CUBASE – Audio Warp edits seem not to stay locked into place

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by rsp2rsp2, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. rsp2rsp2

    rsp2rsp2 Guest

    I am saving my work quickly & not trashing any auto-saved files. However, it seems like certain edits I make are disappearing (meaning if I manually re-align some vocal phrases) those edits do not lock into exact place the next time I power up & listen).

    One thing to mention (and I am not sure if it has bearing) is that often, after I cut up at event with edits, I have been highlighting those events & bouncing to make ONE fresh new event (cleaner to deal with). Any suggestions on what I can do to troubleshoot this? I do not think the problem is my ears (he-he)!
  2. rsp2rsp2

    rsp2rsp2 Guest

    Man...this is a really strange one.

    The issue is still happening. I am no longer changing the tempo in the pool either. Also, I am careful not to delete any kind od saved "edit or audio files" that might store warp changes.

    When I do my warp edits (mentioned at the beginning of this thread) & save, next time I go back to the project, it seems like things are offset by a tad.

    I guess I will get back in there, make my corrections again, save & back up a copy to DVD. If the offsetting happens again, I will try importing the CD version's tracks to see if it REALLY is happening from within my PC.

    Just to take all precautions, I "bounced all audio tracks...then cleaned the pool...then did an XP disk-clean-up...then did an XP defrag on all drives. Now I have a healthy, lean DAW with no old data that my last-saved version can be confused by.

    I will let you know what happens this time. If anyone out there can brainstorm on this problem, we all might benefit.
  3. rsp2rsp2

    rsp2rsp2 Guest

    Let be elaborate on what I am doing before I notice this happening:

    I "go to an event, click on the event editor, confirm correct bars & tempo, click on musical mode button & warp tab, drag & align certain sections to make them sound more "quantized" with the timing, go to Audio menu, bounce selection, save & close".

    I seem to recall that if I close out & reopen, it is fine (everything stays). However, sometimes, when I come back another day, I hear offsets again.
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Distinguished Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Sorry that no one's been able to help you out. Have you tried over at cubase.net?

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