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Cubase Recording Input problems

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by WonderWhale, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. WonderWhale

    WonderWhale Guest

    I recently set up cubase 5.1 on my laptop and I plugged in a USB mixboard that is working properly, however I can not get cubase to receive a signal from it. I've exhausted all the option in my device setup menu, and I don't know what the problem is. Any help or tips?
  2. apstrong

    apstrong Active Member

    Best to ask the cubase people in the cubase forum: Cubase.net .:::. Index

    If it's registered software, they'll be happy to help, and that's where all the cubase experts hang out (no offense to local cubase experts).
  3. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Cubase 5.1? Cubase VST 5.1? That is old software. If you bought it, I doubt there is an upgrade path to Cubase 5. If it is the current version of Cubase, there is a hotfix here. However the fix requires a registered legal copy. At any rate, if it IS cracked software, you got what you paid for.
  4. thatjeffguy

    thatjeffguy Active Member

    Input & output buses must be set up in the "VST Connections" submenu under "Devices".


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