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Cut Time in ProTools

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by taxman, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. taxman

    taxman Active Member

    Can someone help me set up a click track in cut time. PT doesn't seem to have a tool for this.

    I need four beats to the measure, with the click on two and four.

    If I use 2/4 time, I only get two beats to the measure. With 4/4 I can only set the first beat for different accent, so I can't put an accent on two and four.
  2. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    When I want anything more than a basic click in PT I use a drum machine. Set up a PT midi track, send that to the drum machine and use its sounds for the click. The only sound in the PT click that I can stand is the marimba 2, and that's just at the edge of awful.

    Still, if you don't want to do any work, just use the click in 2/4. Count the number of "half-bars." Your grid still lines up.
  3. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    Pro Tools click is very basic. When I first heard the click I thought it was awful, but it does really cut through the mix when you are recording, which means you don't need to crank it as much.

    You also might try searching for a VST click plug in. (if you have the RTAS to VST wrapper)

    You could also make a drum midi track and click in the sounds you want. Then loop that bar and stretch it to the whole length of the song. (Or cut and paste it)
  4. jordy

    jordy Active Member

    you could also ( i think) just times the bpm by 2....ex.- if your song is 100bpm in standard 4/4, just set it to 200bpm and you should get what you're looking for...right?
  5. jordy

    jordy Active Member

    my bad...i guess that would put the accent on 1 and 3 if you considered the quarter notes ,at twice the speed, 8th notes.....but do youe really need the accent on 2 and 4? if you're still getting a click on those notes? just program your brain so you know that the notes with the accents are on 1 and 3....and you should be able to pull it off. i have the same issue with adobe.
    hope that helped?
  6. taxman

    taxman Active Member

    If I could program my brain, I wouldn't need the click track.

    I only use PT as a learning tool to make background tracks of chord changes to play along with. I find the program overwhelming.

    It seems now I have to learn how to program a midi drum track.
  7. jg49

    jg49 Well-Known Member

    Enable a 2/4 click track, start your count (ONE) on the second beat.

    You must set the 2/4 bpm at twice what you would for 4/4 to achieve the same tempo as 4/4.

    You can later edit out the first click.

    This should work for any manually played instrument guitar, flute, kazoooooooo.

    If you are having trouble with protools this is much simpler than learning to program a drum track.
  8. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    If you are just looking for the accents on the 2 and 4 you can do that in with the click. Just go to 2/4. Unless you change the tempo, you will have the same number of quarter notes per minute that you had in 4/4. The only difference is that the "bar" lines will have only two beats in them. You will have twice as many "measures" as before, but the tempo will be the same. To get the accent on the 2 and 4, turn the slider on the accented beat down and the slider on the unaccented beat up - louder click on two and four.
  9. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    A better program for you may be Band-In-A-Box from PG Music Software.
  10. jg49

    jg49 Well-Known Member

    Oooops, my kazooo Beats per Minute is Beats per Minute no matter the time signature.
    Overthinking basic math.....

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