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Darker toned vocal mic to compliment NT1a and SP B1 $200?

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by dickiefunk, Sep 13, 2007.


Which Darker Vocal mic?

  1. MXL V67g or i

  2. KEL HM-1

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  3. Nady RSM4/Cascade Fathead2/T.Bone RM700 ribbon

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  4. Shure SM57

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  1. dickiefunk

    dickiefunk Active Member

    Hi. I'm looking for a new vocal mic to record a mezzo soprano gospel singer (Aretha Franklin style) because I found my Rode NT1a and Studio Projects to be a little harsh and brittle on the top end.
    I've narrowed my choice of mics down to these :-

    MXL V67g
    KEL HM-1
    T.Bone RM700, Cascade Fathead 2, Nady RSM4 (same mic)
    Shure SM57 or Sennheiser E840

    My budget is $200. Which would you recommend as being the best choice for still having excellent detail but darker tone?

  2. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

  3. Kent L T

    Kent L T Active Member

    and probably a preamp that can give you enough gain to use that ribbon.
  4. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    As many times as I have seen the phrase..."Narrowed down my choices"..I always wonder what criteria is being used in this 'narrowing down' of equipment choice.

    I understand budget, but what other things are involved with making this choice?

    I have briefly heard the MXL mic....Its okay.

    I own a Kel HM1.....Not really a vocal mic though on certain voices it could be right. On MANY other things its GREAT!

    Dont have a clue on the new inexpensive ribbons and have read mixed reviews.

    I own three generations of SM57's. They are all different. Any one of my six choices of this mic could be a GREAT vocal mic.....I would NEVER start with one as a vocal mic and it would be my last choice and only if nothing else is seriously doing the job.

    I WOULD, however, save up another $100 and get an ADK Vienna or a Hamburg. Much 'darker' than the mics you currently have. Its a bit misleading in using 'darker' as a term to describe this mic. Its more like...'doesnt need hyped top end to retain the highs clearly'......or more to the point, the DETAIL is there without an artificial boost to enhance the 'presence.'

    I realise budget is a BIG DEAL. It is for me too. But if you're asking what will get the sound as I have described it from my list, I gotta say......NONE of the above. And I happen to LOVE a couple of those mics.
  5. dickiefunk

    dickiefunk Active Member

    Thanks for your replies and advice. I'll certainly look into these. I also like the look of the KEL Audio HM-2d. I spoke to the guy over at Kel Audio and he said that the HM-2d would be a better choice than the HM-1 for my applications. I notice that they have a 21day return policy. I'm tempted to try one out?
  6. dickiefunk

    dickiefunk Active Member

    Would my Tampa and DMP3 be good enough for a ribbon mic? The KEL HM-2d isn't released yet so I'm torn between a Cascade Fathead 2, MXL V67g and KEL HM-1. Any more opinions?
  7. AlTheBear

    AlTheBear Guest

    I've tried the HM1 on a few different vocalists, but it's never been a keeper except for one female singer songwriter type. In her case, the HM1 sounded fantastic.

    The HM2D is going to be my next mic, once it's ready. I can't wait to hear that thing in my studio!
  8. drumist69

    drumist69 Active Member

    How about a Senn MD421 for that type of vocal? Might be better than a condenser. A bit over $200 though. Andy

    EDIT: What davedog said about the ADK mics not needing the hyped high-end for clarity, in my limited experience applies the the MD421 as well. Just flat out sounds clear without having to be in your face about it
  9. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    I got a lovely recording of a soprano years ago using a Beyer M300 dynamic.

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