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DAW Config - AMD, Sonar and Layla?

Discussion in 'Sonar' started by adamg, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. adamg

    adamg Guest

    Hi - I'm currently building a DAW and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the following configuration. I'll be using SONAR, waves plugins, soft synths and I'd like be able to have stability with at least 40 tracks of audio/midi. I won't be recording more than 16 tracks of audio at once. I'm concerned that I might have issues between my Layla 24 and the chipset/motherboard/processor combo. I've heard different opinions on Layla's compatibility with AMD...

    Athlon 64bit 3200+
    Motherboard is a ECS RS480-M with onboard audio, video, firewire, USB, LAN, etc
    Echo Layla 24
    PC DDR400, 1gig
    80gig SATA, 1gig RAM - MicroATX Desktop Computer - $490
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  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    First of all welcome to RO! (y)

    Typically it's best to avoid motherboards with onboard video cards due to bandwidth reasons. Second I'm not so sure how well the ATI chipset is in terms of compatability with audio cards.

    The main chipsets to use these days are Intel, AMD or Nforce. These are the known working chipsets that don't have any issues with most pro audio soundcards.

    The best thing to do is to email Echo Audio with the question of whether or not they have found any problems with the ATI chipsets. They would know first hand whether or not there are issues.

    Hopefully there won't be and you'll be good to go.

    Just make sure you optimize the system and OS for better performance.


    Opus :D
  3. adamg

    adamg Guest

    Specific problems with ATI Chispet and Layla?

    Thanks -

    I contacted Echo support and was informed that Echo Layla has no problems with any chipsets. Can this be true?

    Does anyone know specifically if problems exist with Echo Layla 24 and ATI chipsets?

    I'm thinking of using my Layla with an ECS RS480-M.
  4. adamg

    adamg Guest


    Would I have the same bandwith if I used my radeon all in wonder video card in the board? Would I be able to bypass the onboard video like that?
  5. erikm5150

    erikm5150 Active Member

    yes, if you hook up a dedicated video card, the onboard video will be disabled
  6. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    You would need to disable the onboard video via the BIOS once you have installed an AGP card.

    Unless they changed the chipsets in their cards or programming I had a serious problem with Sis Chipsets and a Layla card.

    Unfortunately the only way to find out is install it and see what happens!

    Opus :D
  7. adamg

    adamg Guest

    Maybe I should go for Intel

    Thanks so much for all of your responses so far.

    I'm thinking now that I should just go with an Intel processor and compatible motherboard. I want to keep my Layla 24 and don't feel like risking anything with incompatability. I know the Layla is historically better with Intel.

    I would like to go for at least a P4 3.0Ghz with hyperthreading, 1 gig of RAM, onboard firewire, at least a few PCI slots and proven stability. I'll be using the machine ONLY for music applications, not even connecting it to the internet and I'll never play a game on it. I just would like about 40 or more tracks of stable audio, with a few soft-synths, SONAR eqs, envelopes and some high quality plugins (waves, etc).

    I'm currently getting great performance from a celeron 1.5, 512 RAM and an Asus P4B motherboard, but i do get pops and click when I get over 20 tracks with plugins etc (soft synths seem to make it a lot worse).

    Any recommendations for a proven motherboard? Chipset? RAM? DDR or DDR2?

    I don't have a ton of money, but would be willing to put in about 450 dollars for a new motherboard, CPU, 1 gig of RAM and a fan. Any suggestions? I'm looking for the best possible value, obviously.

  8. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    My setup that I have is a little older but is pretty much right online with what you are looking for.

    I'm using an Asus P4PE(Has firewire onboard!) with a 3.0Ghz Intel with HT, 1GB DDR. Runs like a dream. I am able to do 40+ tracks easily with soft synth and waves plug ins.

    I think Asus has that board available in a newer edition and prices for processors these days are not too bad so you could configure something of that nature.


    Opus :D
  9. adamg

    adamg Guest

    Which motherboard/

    Are you using the Echo Layla, by any chance?

    Do you happen to know the name of the newer version of your Asus P4PE? I'll check it out.

    Thanks 8)
  10. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I gave my Layla away a long time ago when I got the RME 9652 card.

    I always liked the Echo products, in fact I have the Indigo DJ for my laptop, but I don't need the converter box that comes with the Layla.

    The Asus board is the P4PE-2X. http:// has


    Listed for $114.50

    That should treat ya just the same!

    Opus :D
  11. adamg

    adamg Guest

    Any advantage to socket 775

    I'm kinda dumb when it comes to understanding specs.... is there any advantage to a socket 775 over a socket 478? They are about the same price, I think.

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