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DAW for newbies

Discussion in 'Recording' started by GStefK, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. GStefK

    GStefK Member

    I started experimenting with DAW's and pre made samples ripped from a sound engineering magazine free cd some years ago. Actually i was working with magix music maker and some magix plugins and vst. After i formated my pc, i used samplitude but without any plugins, but this time mainly for recording my guitar jamming and stuff. Now i need some kind of DAW and plugins compination in order to experiment with both recording stuff and mastering pre made samples. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that i'm a newbie, and please no trolling :)

    Also any suggestions for virtual drumkits for creating realistic drum sounds and patterns? User friendly if possible :)
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Sequoia 12 (coming this sept) is the obvious choice as it is the big boy of Samplitude and a mastering beast with great plugins. or, Sonar, which is less pro but full of plugins. Both PC ready. Or, ProTools 9.

    Sequioa 11 has realistic drums but I also use BFD2 and emu X3.
    Sonar has a pretty good library.

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