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DAW noob looking to upgrade computer

Discussion in 'Recording' started by HemlokSociety, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. HemlokSociety

    HemlokSociety Active Member

    Hi, as of right now I do all my recording, mixing and mastering in my Korg D16. Right now, my budget won't allow to get an interface for recording on my pc. What I'd like to do is record on my Korg and then import my files via Orb disc to my computer for mixing and mastering.

    I currently have a Pentium 4 2.40Ghz with 1g of ram. I know 2 gigs would be better, but could I get by with just the 1? And how many tracks at a time would I be able to mix with this setup?

    Also, would I be able to monitor through a decent soundcard, or would I definitely have to buy an interface?

    Last, can I transfer my files from an Orb disc to run on Cubase? If not what program would accept the files?

    Any replies are greatly appreciated, thanks.

  2. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    The HDD setup is also key to the tracks...
    Read the tracks from a 2nd drive (preferably not an external USB/flash drive) and which doesn't have your OS on it.

    "would I be able to monitor through a decent soundcard, or would I definitely have to buy an interface?"
    See my sig.
    You'll either get an interface now or very quickly decide you want to get one soon.
  3. HemlokSociety

    HemlokSociety Active Member

    Ok I am a little stupid to backing up my work, the only thing I've used so far is my trusty Orb drive that saves everything just fine. So are you saying that I wouldn't be able to transfer to my computer with that drive? It connects with SCSI..

    As far as needing an interface, even just for monitoring, I might as well say goodbye to my D16 and get an 8 input interface of my choice. Or, would it be smart to get a 2 channel interface and spend the rest of the budget on more gear for the pc?
  4. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Only you know how many channels of input you need.
    That should help make a decision.

    I'm not talking about backups, btw: as a rule of thumb, during mixdown (or recording if you record directly to the PC) you don't want to stream data to/from the OS drive because that could lead to glitches in the audio if the hard drive gets busy.

    Unfortunately I have no idea what an Orb disc is.

    If you have a fast hard drive solely for your audio tracks, then that will make more difference to your track count than upgrading RAM.
    If you have lots of RAM, that will enable you to load more samples, impulses and plugins. However...
    If you have a powerful CPU then you will be able to run more plugins.
  5. HemlokSociety

    HemlokSociety Active Member

    Well honestly I do need 8 inputs because I record drums. I mentioned a 2 channel interface because I already can record the whole drumset with my d16.

    An orb drive is basically a media storage like a zip disc that holds 2 gigs of audio per disc. So thats why I was wondering if I can do the transfer to my pc and just do mixing for the time being. Mixing stinks on the korg, way more options on the computer.

    Thanks for clarifying to me what the hdd and cpu help with because that was still confusing to me as well.
  6. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    I think the Korg's back drive is only for the D16; I don't think it is just straight wav files that you can import into a DAW. But you could export one track at a time and burn them on a CD to get them into the computer.
    And also, a P4 2.4 won't give you a ton of mixing muscle, but 1GB should be fine unless you are a virtual instrument kind of guy. I used to have a P4 2.6 that I mixed on fine, but I had some DSP cards to provide the muscle for the plugins.

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