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DAW Setup

Discussion in 'Recording' started by maxgoike, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. maxgoike

    maxgoike Guest

    I have been producing decent quality music for about six months now and I really want to invest some money on purchasing a DAW. I already own a midi-controller, the Akai Mpk-24 and it's an excellent controller when programmed properly. Reason 3.0 is the recording program that I use for producing and I truly enjoy it. I am looking forward to purchasing studio quality monitors including a subwoofer and a quality soundcard. I am willing to spend up too $1000 on studio monitors and I'm not quite sure how much a decent quality soundcard would run me. And I am open for any other suggestions on equipment. I currently produce r&b style beats and hip-hop, but I am still trying to find my musical "genre." I appreciate the help.

  2. Hard2Hear

    Hard2Hear Guest

    Before you drop a grand on monitors, be sure your room is treated well so you can actually hear correctly what those monitors are putting out. You will get a better mix in a properly treated room with cheaper monitors than you would a crappy room with great monitors.
  3. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    Interesting situation. Since you are doing essentially everything in the box you really could get away at present with an interface (what you are coalling a soundcard) with just midi and D/A conversion. My impression is that most of the discussion about interfaces on this board focuses on A/D conversion, quality and number of preamps, versatility of the connections. You will need these things if you move to other genres, but the requirements are different for different types of music. What are you interested in producing besides beats.
  4. maxgoike

    maxgoike Guest

    Well, lately I have been recording hip-hop and electronica. But I am also interested in recording indie-rock music. So I am going to need a decent mixer and pre-amps etc. Also a few decent mics. I have heard sm-57's and 58's make great microphones. Also a condenser would be critical for vocals and other acoustic instruments. And for "sound proofing" my room. I haven't a clue on what I need for that.

    It's appreciated.
  5. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    If you like your room, I wouldn't worry with it. Enjoy what you are able to get out of it until time comes that isolation and treatments prove to be a requirement.

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