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    Hi there, I'm consulting for another person's setup. I'm having a little bit of a hard time finding something that will work for them (i'm not charging money or anything, more of doing it as a friend, so don't just make fun of me for not knowing what to look for, haha). Long story short, I use a mac setup, and use mac only software, Now my buddy uses a windows 7 pc with an m-audio 2626.

    This is what I'm trying to do for him, because I can and know how to do it on my setup, but seems like everything I see online and mess with at their place is pretty much not very user friendly when it comes down to just actual signal flow configuring.

    I want to get an inexpensive software, that can be pulled up, and have a session template made, so that this guy can use this for his live sound mixer in his rehearsal studio/practice space. essentially what i want is to be able to have one stereo main out (going to the control studio monitors) and two separate mono outputs, so both of those can be ran to the power amps to power the monitor speakers in the practice room. I can easily do this on my software (digital performer5.13 with easy), So i know this can be done.

    Now this guy has "reaper" recording software right now, (which seems to be complete crap routing anything compared to the simple layout of pt/logic/dp that i'm used to)

    I just need something to be inexpensive, that gives us the stipulations I suggested. Plus also something with an actual plugin insert on the aux/bus channel, and also adequate routing options that doesn't require the user to go through a ton of different menus or options. I just don't understand how much i CAN'T do on the newer softwares these days.

    Now the reason for doing this is to streamline it with his layout, get rid of a big bulky analog mixer that isn't needed, plus gives him the ability to record the band if needed. I hope this makes sense. I looked at cuebase essential 5, but i can't tell what the routing options are, and it doesn't show the routing options directly on the mixer or tracking windows, so i'm not sure if we'll be able to benefit if i can't route easily.

    Plus does anyone have any experience with the maudio 2626, it seems very non user friendly when it comes down to routing. I NEVER use my interface's built in mixing software. I use them as just interfaces for audio in and out of my computer, which i control via my recording software of choice DP/Logic. Though when messing around with the 2626 at their place, it was a complete pain in my ass, seemed very non-userfriendly, from the easy to use motu interfaces i've used with no problems for the past 4 years. (and also have used a duet and ff800 which worked fine on my system as well) yet this interface seems too "locked" into its routing capabilities.

    If someone could let me know any info, or if i've left something out, or if i'm just having a dumb moment and completely doing something wrong.

    Thanks guys
  2. TheJackAttack

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    Reaper is perfectly adequate for what you want. It has a matrix that can help you. Also, the performance factor of Reaper as a multitrack software is very hard to beat. Download the pdf manual. It will help you. Accept that just because things aren't the same as DP or PT (which isn't Mac only) doesn't mean it can't be done.
  3. bobbo

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    Dp is mac only, Pt was only mentioned because I have used it before (I have it, yet don't like to admit that I have it, its only for file transfers) So I'm familiar with the the setup of PT, and i understand pt is not mac only, but dp and logic are, which dp is my main daw and logic is only when i can't use dp.

    As for reaper, it looks like it has some cool editing features, but, can i add eq plugins to the buses i'm sending out of the interface, the actual viewing and windows for the effects and sends look rather confusing as compared to the three above mentioned softwares i'm familiar with, which also sort of resemble the feel of an analog board, This guy already bought reaper, so if reaper will do what I inquired about, then awesome, less money needs to be spent.

    Have you got any suggestions about the maudio 2626, I was looking at it last night. I actually had the owner and the person going to be running his setup, over at my studio earlier in the day, and showed him in dp and logic the basic signal flow and how he should do this, for the type of projects his place will be doing in the future, and then we went to his place, and for some reason I can't explain, i could not get reaper or the 2626 to do what i can do at my place. and reaper's interface seems very less routing friendly (maybe because of its layout and design, it took me what seemed like for ever just to find the input monitoring button also). I'll have to get out the manual again and take a look. But i'd really like to be able to add a graphic or 5 band or more parametric eq to the two buses that will be sending signal to his power amps for the pa/monitor speakers in his live practice room. I understand the concepts pretty well, and what I want to do, and what I need to select and run where I need. But reaper is just not clicking with me, and this interface is being a pain in the ass as well, seems very "locked" and can't adjust the outputs freely like all of my other interfaces have worked in the past.

    Let me know if I'm still overlooking something, and if you can answer the question about adding an eq to the output buses that will be going to the practice room.

    I'm pretty much wanting to turn this interface and software into a digital mixer, using reaper as my "mixer" and the interace is my "inputs and outputs".
  4. TheJackAttack

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    I'm 1500 miles from my comp on a Droid.

    You are going to be eternally frustrated by the M-Audio 2626. I doubt you can make it into a digital mixer.

    You can easily add eq or other VST plugs to any or all channels of Reaper provided the pc is tweaked and powerful enough. You have to admit, the monitoring button is very handy in Reaper once you know where it is. Layout habit is the reason most folks don't try several daws to find what workflow works best for that individual. I have five going mostly to assist folks here and use the pdf manuals and help files on all of yem constantly. Even on my most familiar one-Audition3. I know it's frustrating trust me.
  5. bobbo

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    Well, now that I know that reaper will work, the only question left is the 2626 problem, I did a google search on routing issues, or to find the maudio forum, and I didn't really see a forum that dealt with asking specific questions. I've looked through the manual, yet, all i want to be able to do is control the outputs when ever and for what ever i want, like a normal damn interface, i'm not going to deal with its own internal mixer bs, i'm trying to streamline everything for this older non computer techy guy, and his video guy, who isn't really familiar with recording and signal flow operation.

    So I guess, any info on the 2626 output routing would be appreciated.

    Thanks again in advance

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