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DAW's cpu taxing index

Discussion in 'Recording' started by MikeT99, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    Hi all!

    This derived from another post, the one regarding sample rate/buffer size, but aims a different question: I was expecting some performance leap using Cubase 5 compared to Nuendo 3.2, wich I did not, at least, until now and on the same projects.

    Anyway, 1st question: is there such a performance increase to be expected (assuming a multicore cpu, mine is a 9300 quadcore), changing only the software - in this case, newer Cubase vs. old Nuendo?

    2nd: keeping all hardware untouched, do you find some apps more/less taxing than others - thus effectively freeing up cpu power to run more softsynths, plugs, etc., i.e., "increasing" the performance of your setup?

    3rd- If so, what are the apps/software/DAW you find most stressfull? And more lightweight?
  2. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Why do you expect a performance leap in computing from a DAW? The new software has more features and a new audio engine for smoother working and quality.
    The more on features, routing, plugs, VSTi does not necessarily bring less overall CPU usage. The Delta 1010 won't get anywhere near the top performance, anyway.
    A DAW with less features would not make me a happy man, even if it sucked a bit less power from a CPU.

    What are you doing in your projects that is eating up CPU power so intensely?
    As I said in the other thread, I use it for 10 years+ for feature surround films and cd productions. Only in the singlecore area I occasionally got to the egde of the cpu capabilities.
    Now, there is hardly a way a properly planed project runs out of power, anymore. What average track and plugin count do you have? What HDDs, RAM... Didi you tweak your PC for audio ?
  3. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member


    I'm usually running around 20-25 audio tracks, plus several vsti's (like ezdrummer, trilogy, albino, stylus rmx, miroslav, b4). On the processing side of things, I'm a fan of the SSL collection, of PSP plugins, a big user of Autotune5 and melodyne (not while tracking), etc.. I usually record one track a a time, exception when using a "real" drummer, or when recording vocals on the two roooms simultaneously.

    My PC is a dedicated XP 32 bit system - hence only 4 gig of ram, of wich windows can only spot 3,... something. XP tweaked, emphasis on background tasks, some non-essential services disabled. I guess Delta 1010 drivers might be a problem - but the damn thing was rock-solid and stable for these past 10 years!
  4. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your info.
    Any decent XP PC can do that, even with only 3 GB ( the same I have on 2 secondary machines ), but I would not suggest to record with VSTis active.
    Those take lots of RAM and have a life of their own when it comes to latency and CPU usage. I'd rather render only the needed tracks to audio and switch them of till mixing.
    Even for mixing a number of those VSTi like Omnisphere, Trilian, RMX, etc., are taking a fair chunk of the Power and RAM. This is understandable and normal for what they deliver.
    Make April your xmas and purchase a nice i7 with 12 GB RAM and 2 TB HHDs, a decent Audio I/O (if possible no FW or USB, ..m2c) like those RME (*).
    The Delta 1010 is no junk gadget, but it has come of age and the drivers are not the very best. Eventhough it still performes well, it does not mean, it can cope with the lates
    software/PC/OS/performance requirements. The original box is 11 years old, so, the developement period started maybe 1997.

    * RME stuff is often suggested, here, because it is a huge bang for the buck, sound, driver, longevity and performance wise.
    It is not cheap, but worth every Penny. I have 1 card, being used daily, that has just made it into the 4th new PC, set it and forget it...

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