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dbx 386/Presonus MP20as DI's

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by OneMan, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. OneMan

    OneMan Member

    I'd like to add some flavor and color to my synth rig by running them through a DI. The dbx and Presonus boxes are both 2 ch units that could do the job. Anybody tried it? I know I could get an Aguilar DI for about the same dough but thats just a single ch. What's your opinions

  2. Tom Cram

    Tom Cram Active Member

    The 286a is not a stereo device, it is a mono channel strip. You may have meant the 386, or the 586.
  3. OneMan

    OneMan Member

    Sorry 386

  4. sapplegate

    sapplegate Active Member

    The Presonus Blue Tube preamp might be a good candidate if you are looking for adjustable "color". Plus at ~$150 for a stereo unit, it seems to be a good deal as well.

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