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decent mixer?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by poni618, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. poni618

    poni618 Active Member

    i can't stand mixing by clicking the mouse and such,
    i bought the korg nancontrol2 but after plus 10 hours and trying to get it to work properly, i give up,
    it there a half decent mixer, perhaps more like... analog then the nanokontrol that i could get?
    i dont wanna pay a bunch for one with a good pre amp because i dont know a preamp i already have a decent one in my audio interface.
    thoughts? concerns?
    i dont like the feel or the tininess of the nanokontrol either
  2. timshel

    timshel Active Member

    Behringer bcf2000 is a MIDI controller with motorized faders. So you could do automation on the fly which is nice. It's super cheap and seems to have a good track-record.
  3. timshel

    timshel Active Member

    Additionally, one issue with the nano-kontrol is the length of the fader track. Does not translate well into Ableton one bit.

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