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Decent workhorse condenser?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by IanW-UK, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. IanW-UK

    IanW-UK Guest

    I have a bit of cash coming my way soon and I think I'm going to use it to buy a "proper" condenser for general use. A U87 springs to mind as the obvious choice but when I thought about it I have no idea what other mics exist that are on par with the Neumann at a similar price.

    What should I be looking at? Or should I just go with the U87? I will be using the mic for everything, Drums, acoustic/electric guitar, vocals percussion, etc

    Any ideas?


  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Others would be Soundelux...Gefell...upper end ADK...Blue....AEA...
  3. missilanious

    missilanious Guest

    Ones that come to my mind.
    Soundelux ifet7, AKG414B--ULS, BLUE Cactus or even better BLUE Bottle, Royer R121.
  4. IanW-UK

    IanW-UK Guest

    Thanks guys :)
  5. MikoMader

    MikoMader Guest

    I am a huge Lawson fan. If you can look past the gold, it's so sexy sounding.
  6. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    Shure KSM44

    Well made, modern, all patterns/pads/roll-off options. good sounding, good on a wide variety of sources, economical.
  7. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    What about the AT4050?

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