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  1. I am a beginner artist and am looking to get a good recording set up. Right now, I have an at2035 and a guitar with a built in pickup. All I need is a dual channel Preamp, Ive been looking at the Mackie BlackJack Onyx and Presonus Audiobox 2x2 USB. The only requirements are, I can hook up my guitar, my mic, it can connect to my windows PC, and is under 150 bucks. Another thing now, I need a DAW for less then around 150 dollars max preferably under 100 bucks. Whats the best for around these prices for these items?
  2. dvdhawk

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    The PreSonus would come with the latest version of StudioOne Artist (currently v3) included in the price of the interface.
  3. pcrecord

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    I would go with the audiobox, it has honest preamps and it comes with a free license for PreSonus’ Studio One® 3 Artist DAW.
    Studio One is any DAW to begin with
  4. pcrecord

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    You were faster with the save button ;)
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    Besides the good advice Reaper is a good alternative DAW. The focusrite Scarlett is the alternative to the audiobox. Scarlett comes w pro tools first and some plugins, is newer, and runs at higher sample rates. Reaper or studio one are probably better daw choices.
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    I've used the Scarletts and have nothing bad to say about them.

    I work with someone who uses the Onyx and her vocals etc always come out great.

    I've used two different Mbox's and liked them both.

    As for the Daw, it's whatever you can afford/are comfortable with. I got used to Logic and Pro Tools. But I see people killing it with Reaper, Studio One, Cubase etc. It's all about finding your rhythm, and some daws seem to get people there faster. So, you just gotta find what works for you.

    If the budget is that tight, you may not have the luxury of choosing the daw that best fits you, you may have to settle for a "lesser" one. But, you'll get it pretty quickly.

    Forgot to add, the Scarlett's plug-ins are also usable. It's an inexpensive unit, but it comes with a lot. And the plug-ins aren't of the elite caliber, they will get you by. I used nothing but their plug-ins and the ones included in Logic for over a year.
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    You can get a pro mix with any DAW platform... as long as you have a good interface, and, as long as you know what you are doing.
    I've heard incredible sounding mixes coming off of cheaper platforms like Reaper, and really crappy mixes that were done on full blown Pro Tools rigs.

    Some people choose more feature-laden programs - Pro Tools, Samplitude, Sequoia, etc., because it fits their own levels of expertise; whereas others just want to be able to get the tracks recorded and mixed without having to deal with certain complexities -or using a program that offers features that they'll never use.

    There are some platforms that I do think sound different from each other, but that's a personal discerning opinion, and not really the case for discussion here when you're dealing with a total budget of $200 or so.

    The quality of your interface/mic pre will also play a major part in this equation as well.

    But... the most important factor with the success ( or failure) of any DAW is generally not the program, but the user.

    Whichever DAW you choose, the most important thing is that you get to know that program inside and out; and that you understand the various audio processing that is part and parcel of any good mix, and that you train your ears to a certain level of fine tuning.

    Oh...and practice, practice, practice. ;)
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  8. Sean G

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    I'd either go with Hawks' advice and get the Studio One Artist free with the Presonus Audiobox, or I would check out Reaper for $60 bucks.

    This was tracked & mixed using Reaper...nothing wrong with that DAW platform by any means...especially considering the huge library of native Reaplugs that come with it, they are as good as many other high priced plug-ins and just as functional IMO.

  9. Brother Junk

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  10. kmetal

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    That demo video came out killer! Those 5150 amps record so well for hi gain stuff. They really sound good on tape. I've been using the studios for years and years.

    I love how relaxed some drummers look playing 16ths at 180 Bpm w their feet lol.

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