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Delta 44 (w/Cubase) L & R channel set up

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by Kemble, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Kemble

    Kemble Guest

    I can only get one side of audio out of this set up. I've read the books over and over, and it still doesn't work right.

    I'm only getting one channel out of my audio.

    A good example of the problem-
    playing back a midi file through a VST instrument will not pan to the left. Just silence on that side.

    I have the BUS1 set to the right OUTS (1and2). 1 is panned hard L and 2 hard R in the Delta set up window.

    What is the proper way to set up this audio so that I can have LEFT and RIGHT when I mix?


  2. gambit

    gambit Active Member

    I have a Delta 44 and Cubase SX, off the top of my head (plus I am working not music'ing) I can't help you - but let me play over the weekend and I'll get back to. My immeadiate thought is to make sure you have latest drivers - sounds crap, but those darn M-Audio guys are always making tweaks!

    Update - 02.17

    Just been playing with Cubase SX, Delta 44 and using Battery as the VST instrument.

    I created a new empty project, added one midi track (I am using a USB midisport 2x2). I set up the instrument - just outputting to Bus 1, which equates to Delta Out 1 & 2 (3&4 turned off). The bass drum has a nice L/R balance, which I set to Center. I banged out some riffs and then looped it so I could play with the pan settings. Pan on the VST has no discernable effect, nor did the pan settings on the channel info.

    Only in the mixer did the pan control work - left/right seperation was perfect. I would think that if no sound is heard from one side of your rig that there is a loose connection (you did check the plugs right?) or a dodgy cable. Failing those I can see no reason why it should not work.

    One tip I have found is try power cycling the inputs and outputs. Don't forget the control panel either - mine are all stereo linked.

    Let me know and I'll try to help more. :cool:
  3. Kemble

    Kemble Guest

    problem solved.


  4. gambit

    gambit Active Member

    What was it - just out of interest. I have had no problems with my Delta and bang for the buck I think its a great interface.
  5. Kemble

    Kemble Guest

    I don't really know.
    I just jacked with it until it worked. I don't know if I'm doing everything correctly, but its working well so far. One of my breakthroughs was pumping the midi VST out to a wav and then mixing with the wav file, so I could better manipulate it. I had a halleluiah breakdown! :D

    I'm very happy with the Delta44 also. A great buy at this point in the game. Delta44 and a mackie board that comes with those awesome preamps and yer in business!

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