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Digi Drums

Discussion in 'Drums' started by jfavela, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. jfavela

    jfavela Guest

    Hello fellow studio junkies.
    I am a drummer/aspiring studio tech.
    I currently use Reason and its drum sounds to make beats. Being a drummer I feel it is cumbersome laying down 4 different tracks for something I could play in one take on a kit.
    I have played on some V-kits but wonder which of the infinitely many is worth investing in? I know Reason offers re-fill with all kinds of desireable drum and intrument sounds. This is a cool feature of the software. Do modules offer, "re-fills," as well?

    What are some industry standard modules, digi-kits out there? Roland, Yamaha, Akai? Which is the best or should I stick to the computer based sounds and trigger into them via MIDI? I noticed playing on a Roland V-kit that my playing dynamics translated well, would dynamics be compromised by triggering directly into a PC based digital intrument?

    Please help, im drowning.

    Artists to keep in mind:
    Linkin Park
    Nine Inch Nails
    Dr. Dre
    Little John

  2. rhydian

    rhydian Active Member


    Roland Vkit for its playability.
    Use the pads to trigger the DFH superior...an excellent collection of drum samples with multilayers that conveys the human aspect of the drummer and allows manipulation of the drum sound pretty much like a real kit (microphone bleeds, toms rings etc.)

    See http://www.soundonsound.com Feb 2005 for review.
  3. I currently use a Roland V-drum, and while I could have gotten something cheaper, there really is nothing else out there with the quality sound the the v-drums have.

    All I do it play, and run the stereo outs to the inputs on my mixer, and I'm done with my drums

    I am using this as a temporary solution, as we will be getting the mic to mic up my drum kit, and it will sound alot better, but the v-drums are passabe

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